Spring Candy Gram Fundraiser

Spring is just around the corner.  With the blooming of flowers and the bright colors peeking through after winter, you can quickly brighten up your fundraiser to get your customers into the festive springtime mood.

Add more sunny cheer to your fundraising products with our new, free printable spring candy wraps! We have three cheerful designs available for you to print out and use to boost your sales and make more profit. Each design has a version for our $1 Chocolate Lover’s Bars and our $2 Chocolate Lover’s Bar. We also have tags that can be attached to our lollipops or tied to any product you want, like chocolate pretzel rods!

In addition, you can quickly make sweet candy bouquets. Using our variety of lollipops and chocolate roses, select one or more lollipops or chocolate roses (we used three), and stack them in a fan-like shape. Cut a length of ribbon that is long enough to wrap around the lollipops and be tied in a bow, we recommend no shorter than 12 inches. Wrap the ribbon twice around the lollipop bouquet where all the sticks meet in the middle, then tie a bow to create a beautifully festive candy bouquet. The possibilities are endless this spring!

Whether you want to set up a table and sell your spring themed items, or incorporate them into your cases to sell, there is an easy way to add flair to your products. If you are setting up a table, you can separate the products and add different wraps on each group to differentiate between them. Or you can set out products and have customers choose which design they want and put it on their purchase themselves. It doesn’t have only to be chocolate bars either! With our tag designs, you can attach them to our lollipop sticks, or punch a hole in the tag and tie it with ribbon or yarn to any item you want! If you decide to promote spring without the use of a table setup, you can wrap the bars or lollipops yourself and still sell them out of your case for spring fundraising on the go!


A new addition to the designs this year is a festive springtime stand for your lollipops. These stands are shaped like your favorite springtime animals, with holes you can punch out and attach to your fundraising lollipop flavors. You can download and print them free here! They are a perfect way to add cute flair to your candy this spring!

Don’t forget to add our new chocolate bunnies to your sale. These solid milk chocolate bunnies are wrapped in cellophane and gift boxed. They are the perfect companion to the bar wraps and lollis.