How Fundraising Works

Our Friendly Old Fashion Service is dedicated to meeting your needs! Most orders ship within 24 hours via UPS. We ship nationwide, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Candy fundraisers typically sell quickly, sometimes in just a few days. Earn up to 50% profit with our fundraisers!

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    I’m a teacher (or a full-time employee) at a public school. How do I get started or how does this work?

    If your school uses Purchase Orders on their invoices to pay them then please have that number at the time of order. We can take the # over the phone, place it on the web order in the appropriate box or you can email/fax a copy of the purchase order. Once we have that number, we will process your order and it will ship via UPS. You will have 30 days from the time you receive your items to pay your bill.

    If your school does not use Purchase Orders then that’s ok too. We don’t require it. We will still place it on a 30-day billing if it is billed and shipped to the school.

    *Price, weight, content, case quantity and availability subject to change at any time.
    *Stated profit per case and profit percentages do not include sales tax where applicable.

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    Can anyone order, or do I have to be part of an organization or school?

    Anyone is welcome to order by calling us at 1-800-500-1234 or placing an order on our website.

  3. 3

    When/how do I pay for the candy?

    Most public schools are set up on a 30-day billing if we bill and ship through the school to a full-time employee.

    Otherwise, you have four payment options. You may pay with any major credit card (VISA, MC, American Express or Discover), you may do a check by phone with no added fees, mail in a check or money order with the order form in the catalog, or you may qualify for 30 day billing by doing a credit check on the individual being responsible for payment.

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    How does the cost of shipping work?

    The cost of shipping is added to your invoice. However, we will send free product to cover the total cost of shipping. It will not affect your profit.

  5. 5

    Is there a minimum order?

    We have no minimum order. You can start with as little as one case and if you need more, just call us and we will get another order on its way to you.

  6. 6

    Earning Prize Points

    • You earn prize points based on the number of products you order. Each case is worth one (1) prize point.
    • You can start redeeming prizes when you accumulate 20 points.
    • When your invoice is paid in full, prize points will be posted to your account.
    • When you qualify for a prize, you will receive a letter stating how many points you have accumulated.
    • To redeem your prize: Log into your account, browse the large selection, and choose! Or, call us at 1-800-500-1234.
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    Is the candy returnable?

    The candy is nonreturnable to ensure quality and freshness.

  8. 8

    Making a Plan, Distributing Products to Your Sellers, & Selling!

    • To ensure success, plan how you are going to monitor your sellers’ progress and collect from them.
    • Check our Resources page for great tools to facilitate your fundraising efforts.
    • When your product arrives, be sure to double check your packing slip with what you have received.
    • Meet with your sellers, distribute your products, and explain how you plan to reward top sellers with free prizes.
    • Collect receipts regularly and use the opportunity to motivate and encourage your sellers.
    • Set a firm deadline for the submission of all receipts.
    • When your fundraiser ends, deposit all receipts, send us your payment, then order and distribute your free prizes.