About Us

In 50 years of business, we’ve helped our customers raise over $100 Million!

With five decades of providing candy fundraisers, our team offers you outstanding customer service. We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding your fundraiser.

You do not have to be a part of a group, school, church, etc. to purchase or sell Old Fashion Candy fundraisers. Maybe you are a high school student trying to raise money to help you fund a class trip, or you’re hosting a family reunion and want to raise money to help curb next year’s cost of food or location rental. No matter your fundraising cause we can help. Our Friendly Old Fashion Service is dedicated to hassle-free candy fundraising.

A quick and easy phone call or online order can get your fundraiser started today!

Our trained staff will assist you in finding the best products for your market to accelerate your profit-earning potential. Many of our products offer a 50% profit! We only use name brand, popular products that sell fast!

Most orders are shipped within 24 hours and many go out the same day. When your order is ready for shipment it will be delivered by UPS (United Parcel Service) generally within 2-5 business days. You pay for shipping but we help. Shipping will be prepaid by us and added to your invoice. Then we send you free merchandise that you can sell to pay for shipping charges. You will receive enough free merchandise to cover shipping and protect the profit from your candy fundraisers.

Everyone loves candy and sales go fast!

Many of our customers sell out and re-order more. With quick shipping and no minimum order on products, you may reorder as often as you want and maximize the profit for your organization. We will not pressure you with long term contracts or large case sizes. Feel free to order as little or as much as you like.
Old Fashion Candy Company strives to offer you the most effective snack and candy fundraisers, and new fundraising ideas. When new possibilities are discovered we do exhaustive research to be able to offer the most effective New Products and to determine the right combinations of products for our Exclusive Candy Varieties and Exclusive Snack Varieties. New products are offered every year that will make your candy fundraisers fast, easy, and effective. We offer a large assortment of snacks and candy. Fundraisers that are exclusively available only from Old Fashion Candy Company.

Our Exclusive Candy Varieties are assortments of the most popular snacks and candy. Fundraising assortments are selected to sell-out, quickly and easily.

Our Old Fashion Chocolate Lover’s Bars are easy to sell and generate 50% profit for your school fundraising or organization. An exclusive, outstanding deal from Old Fashion Candy Company!

Our lollipop candy fundraisers are a popular choice among school fundraising. They are packed in cases of just 80 pieces. Smaller case sizes allow you to earn more prize points with your order and provide you with the appropriate amount of product for your group to sell. There is no minimum order required for any of our snack and candy fundraisers or other fundraisers, and you may order more as needed.

Your organization earns prize points based on the type and quantity of snack and candy fundraisers that you use (see the individual product description pages for the number of prize points earned by each product). You convert your prize points into your choice of Free Prizes when you pay for your Old Fashion Candy Company products according to the terms of the Purchase Agreement. Free Prizes can be used in different ways. They are great motivators for your sellers! When your invoice has been paid in full, you will be mailed a letter notifying you of how many prize points are available for redemption. You may order your gift online or call your friendly Old Fashion Candy Fundraising representative at 1-800-500-1234.

We are sure you will enjoy your experience with us. After your fundraiser, please let us know how we are doing through our Testimonials, Facebook, or our E-mail us.