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Old Fashion Candy

  • Church Fundraising

    You're part of a church group, the last thing that may be on your mind is raising money. But sometimes it becomes necessary. Maybe you need to fundraise to assist in the cost of a mission trip, choir travel fees, or even to help out another local organization. Whatever your church fundraising needs are, we can help you get there.

    Like most fundraising groups you have options in the type of fundraiser that you do. Our brochure fundraisers, like Celestial Candles, have no upfront cost. This means you simply request how many brochures you will need for your group (one per person), we send them to you and you start selling. It is up to your discretion to collect money when customers place their order or to do payment upon delivery. Collecting money upon order ensures you will have money in hand to place your final order and customers won't back out of their order on delivery. Once your group brings in their orders, you place your final order with us and only pay for the items people bought. If you collected money when orders were placed then you will not be paying out of pocket for anything and the money left over (for our Celestial Candles is 50%) is all profit for you!

    If you choose to do a cash and carry fundraiser then you order cases of product to sell. If you have paid for your case order upfront then all the money collected from that is your profit to keep. If you opted to delay payment, you pay for your order with the money collected and the remainder is your profit. Depending upon your needs you may want to order one case per person selling or if you are having an event you can order cases and set them out on tables for people to purchase from (say at a trivia night). There is no minimum order on any of our case products so you are able to order as little as one case of each variety to either add a variety of products to your fundraising selection or to simply try a fundraiser out.

  • Snack Fundraisers

    The end of the school year can be a rush with so many things to get done. But if you need those last minute profits to get you to your fundraising goal, don't be discouraged. Our fundraisers are quick and easy and our snack fundraisers can be especially helpful during this time of the year.

    They are in easy, grab and go packages that are perfect for one or two to share. Most of our snacks are heat safe, meaning the products won't melt in the summer temperatures, or we have constructed special summertime varieties to ensure all products arrive to you in pristine condition. Our snack cases are light and easy to transport. They have convenient carry handles and all boxes are made of sturdy corrugated cardboard so your items won't be crushed during shipping or when sellers are toting them around for sales.

  • Fundraising Fun In The Sun

    We know spring just arrived but springtime temperatures vary from cool and breezy to warm, short weather. These refreshingly warm temps can make it difficult on candy fundraisers, but fear not! We have created summertime versions of some of our best selling cases. Each case is carefully constructed of candy and snack items that can stand up to the spring and summertime heat - no mess & no melt!

    While most of our alternative fundraisers remain available all season long (such as donation dots, lanyards, lollipops), below is a list of our summer variety case offerings:

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