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Old Fashion Candy

  • Summer Fundraising

    Summertime is just around the corner, and we are all ready to go with 5 hot and profitable fundraising ideas for you this summer. All of these items are great for doing individual sales or for setting up at a table or event that will draw a crowd:

    1. Donation Dots®
      Fundraising does not get simpler than this! Simply have customers scratch off a dot to reveal a denomination and then donate that amount. Donations range from $.10 - $3 and vary per card, with each card bringing you $100 in profit, and they come in 4 fun and attractive designs.
    2. Candle Brochure
      Our Celestial Candles are a premium fundraiser that bring you 50% profit on each item sold. Candles and diffusers are sold through our beautiful brochure displaying all item scents and sizes. Brochures are free, so it is a great, no hassle fundraiser to start, and you only pay for what you sell.
    3. Summer Varieties
      All of our summer varieties are made up of name brand candy and snacks that can hold up to shipping in higher temps, outside sales, and won't melt in the process. Most of these varieties still include chocolate like M&M's® or Reese's® Pieces, because who says you cannot have chocolate just because it's hot out?!
    4. Lollipops
      You just can't go wrong with these are a pure classics. We have a wide selection of lollipops to choose from: classic sweet, sour, blow pops, shapes, twisters, rock candy and more. All of these make for quick and easy sales with their low selling price and wide audience appeal.
    5. Purell®
      For a limited time only, Purell® Hand Sanitizer fundraisers are at a super sweet (and clean) 60% profit! Travel sized bottles of  the most popular hand sanitizer come with one of 4 colorful soft clips that allow your customers to take germ fighting power with them everywhere.
  • Have a Happy Easter!

    Have a Happy Easter from The Old Fashion Candy Company!

  • It's Profit Season

    The end of the school year is approaching which means it's the perfect time to coordinate your end of year fundraising with graduation. Both gold and silver 2014 key rings are on special at 60% profit to you, while supplies last. This is a limited offer as once they're gone, they are gone.

    Class of 2014 lanyards are at 50% profit and make a great compliment to your key ring fundraising. Other years currently available in key rings and lanyards are 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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