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Old Fashion Candy

  • New Look of Order Taking Fundraisers

    Have we got some sure fire fundraisers for you, just in time for the autumn fundraising season. We have two order taking brochures, Celestial Candles and Excite Your Snacktime, that cost you nothing upfront to do - you only pay for what you sell  (in fact, you can place your order for the free brochures here to get started) and each item in these brochures brings you 50% profit!

    Excite Your Snacktime is our premium treat brochure with 21 mouthwatering items from peanut butter cups to gummy worms and our ever popular Hokey Pokey popcorn mix. Every item in this brochure sells for only $7 each.

    Celestial Candles is one of our more unique fundraising offerings. 14 premium candle scents fill this brochure and the items are perfect not only for the autumn season but can make great gifts for your customers to give out as well.

    Both brochures are completely free so simply place your online order or call and we'll ship as many as you need. Then your group can get started selling and raising money. For these order taking brochures we recommend collecting payment from your customers upon them placing their order. Once you've gathered all your customers requests, send in your final product order and only pay for what you sold - keeping 50% of the money made. We'll then ship all of your product to you for you to deliver to your customers. If you have any questions regarding these brochure fundraisers feel free to contact us via email or phone at 800-500-1234

  • Introducing The New Look of Donation Dots

    We've amped up the look of our Donation Dots cards and made them more eye catching than ever! We still offer the four classic categories: All Occasion, Music & Art, Education and Sports (*link each of these to their respective pages*) but with new and improved designs that better appeal to any age group or organization. Simply have participants scratch off a spot to reveal how much they donate to you, donations range from $0.10 to $3, and each card still brings you $100 profit. These cards make a perfect, no-fuss fundraiser for any group and are great to have as extra profit providers on a fundraising food table or an event check-in table.

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Table Setup

    If you're having a location based fundraiser where you are setup at a table or booth then have we got some tips for you. An organized and well-presented space ensures that passerby's can clearly see your cause and products. Here's some help on how you can get the most out of your location.

    1. Have a large, clearly written sign that says what you are selling and for how much. Include your group name as well.
    2. Ensure you have an organized table top with items in boxes/containers or stacked neatly.
    3. Have a small space towards the front of the table clear for patrons to gather their order or to place their purse/wallet down when exchanging payment.
    4. Placing a donation jar or box at the end of the table can only help bring in more money. This way if customers don't purchase from you they are still able to contribute.

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