5 Smart Ways to Raise Money Fast This Spring

The weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming, and people are ready to get out and be social! This creates a perfect opportunity for you to raise money for your school, group, or organization. Whether planning a school trip, a new playground, funding your sports teams, or anything else, you will need a smart and effective way to fundraise fast and easily.

We understand that you have many responsibilities and don’t have much time to spare for fundraising. You need products that will appeal to your donors and generate a lot of profit. It would help if you had a fundraiser that would be simple and hassle-free and something that suits your school and community.

That’s why we are here to help you make the most of this season! Candy fundraising is an easy solution to make a lot of money fast. Everyone loves candy, especially when they recognize their favorite brands, and the candy comes in elegant and attractive packaging. Candy is easy to sell, easy to carry, and easy for your donors to enjoy.

Here are five smart ways to raise school fundraising money fast this spring:

Supreme Selection®:

If you want a fundraiser that will appeal to a wide range of customers and sell out fast, you should try our Supreme Selection® Variety. This is a premium assortment of candy and snacks from top brand names, such as Skittles®, Reese’s®, Crunch®, M&M’s®, and Snickers®. Whether your donors prefer sweet, sour, or chocolate candy, you will find something to satisfy everyone in this variety. Many sellers start with a few cases and are amazed by how quickly they sell out and need to order more! Our Supreme Selection® fundraiser is a fun and easy way to make spring season profit in no time.

Welch’s® Fruit Snacks Fundraiser:

Welch’s® Fruit Snacks are a splashy and refreshing fundraiser. This variety offers Welch’s fruit snacks made with real fruit juice and 100% vitamin C. They are ideal for outdoor and warm weather events, such as sporting and school events, where people want a tasty and energizing snack. Welch’s® is a trusted brand that appeals to both students and adults. For a limited time, with this variety you can also make a generous 55% profit for your group. Welch’s® Fruit Snack Variety is a fundraiser that will make your customers happy and your group successful.

Large Chocolate Lover’s Bar:

Our Large Chocolate Lover’s Bar is a fundraiser that will impress your donors. This giant chocolate bar has four irresistible flavors: caramel, crispy, milk chocolate, and almond. Every case will make you a massive 50% profit. The Large Chocolate Lover’s Bar is made with our finest signature ingredients.

This fundraiser is ideal for any time of year when you want to offer your donors a sweet treat. Your donors will appreciate these bars’ quality and flavor and be happy to support your cause.


If you want gourmet chocolate candy to make your fundraiser a hit, you should try our Katydids. These classic candies feature buttery caramel and fancy pecans covered with real milk chocolate. They come in a classic, elegant container, making them an excellent gift for any occasion. Katydids are a popular and profitable candy that has been loved for generations. They are perfect for school clubs, sports teams, church groups, or any group that needs to raise money.

Katydids are a fundraiser that will impress your donors and your group. They are high-quality chocolate candies that will sell fast and make you money. Plus, they will make your group 50% profit.

Twister Pops:

Twister Pops are a great choice for a fun and festive fundraiser this time of year.

This fundraiser is ideal for parties, school clubs, and outdoor events. Twister Pops are eye-catching and delicious lollipops in vibrant colors and flavors. Your donors will enjoy the twisty shape and the fruity taste of these pops while you make 50% profit for your group.

Get ready to have a blast with our Twister Pops. This is one of our most fun and festive lollipop fundraisers for any season.

You can start your fundraiser today by ordering online or calling us at 1-800-500-1234. We will help you choose the best products for your school and provide you with all the support you need.

Don’t miss this opportunity to raise money for your school while making people happy with candy. Order now and get ready to have a sweet spring!

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