Brochure Fundraisers

If you are looking for an alternative to the normal snack and candy fundraiser or want a standout premium fundraiser, then our brochure fundraisers are the way to go. We have two superior brochure fundraisers: Excite Your Snacktime and Celestial Candles. Both brochures are order taking fundraisers filled with premium quality products for your customers.


This brochure contains all kinds of snack favorites as well as some new additions you and your customers will want to try. Choose from six pages filled with a variety of chocolates, nuts, gummies and more. All items sell for $7.00 each, making selling easy.


A candle brochure that has it all, premium glass candles, sand diffusers, wax melts with warmer and wooden wick candles. All your favorite fall and holiday scents to fill a home or office with and enjoy.


One of the standout features of our brochure fundraisers is that they cost nothing to get started. The brochures are completely free! Simply place your order online or via phone for how many you need (1 per seller) and we send them to you. You only pay for the products you sell, so you do not have to worry about any upfront costs. Plus, if your sellers collect money when they make their sales (which we cover further down in the post), then you will have your profit immediately in hand.

The second standout of doing a brochure fundraiser is that every item brings you 50% profit. Both brochures carry premium items and, for that reason, you can charge more for those items. In turn, that brings you a much larger profit.


Both brochures have a handy columned order form on the back side. This will help keep each seller’s order separate and organized for when they have to deliver the products back to their customers. Totaling is made easy on the brochure too. Once you’ve received all of your sellers’ forms, simply total all the forms to order the appropriate amount of each item and place your order at once. You only pay for the items you sell.

When your order arrives to you, allow a few hours to separate out the product by seller. If you have your sellers on hand, you may want to have them separate out their individual orders by person and label them for even easier delivery. Notifying parents ahead of time of product delivery dates may be helpful as sellers may need assistance in transporting all of their sold products.

For both brochures, the deadline for Christmas orders is Friday, November 21, 2014. The end of year deadline is April 4, 2015.


Collecting money for brochure fundraisers can be done in two ways. The first, and most preferred, method is for the seller to collect the money at the time the order is placed. This will ensure that the customer will not forget or back out of their order, leaving you with a product you must purchase. If you collect all the money up front, when you place your product order with Old Fashion Candy, you will have all the money in hand you need to purchase as well as your profit money.

The second method is to collect money from customers upon delivery of their items. If you choose to do this method, you may want to have your sellers remind their customers of delivery dates so they can collect their money accordingly. Do be wary that some customers may have forgotten they placed an order or are no longer interested and possibly decline to pay, leaving you with the product and out of pocket cost.


To get started with either Celestial Candles or Excite Your Snacktime brochure fundraisers, simply order the number of brochures you need online or call us at 1-800-500-1234. We are also on hand to answer any fundraising questions you may have about doing a brochure fundraiser.