What to Look for When You Are Holiday Fundraising

As November begins, it seems everyone is in the mood for the holiday season. The buzz is everywhere, from the music on the radio to movies on TV and decorations in every retail store.

Old Fashion Candy has chocolate, candy, and treats that fit perfectly with the holiday buzz every year. Our customers know that our products sell quickly during the holidays with excellent profit margins.

We want to help you share some joy this holiday season by making your fundraiser festive and fun. 

The holidays are coming!

There are many chances to make a big profit for your group this season. Everyone is in the mood for candy, and people have all sorts of special uses for candy and snacks this time of year, such as displays on desks and countertops or holiday party treats.

Consider these items to boost your fundraising profit this holiday season:

Supreme Selection®–The broad product selection in each case makes this variety popular with children and adults. The name-brand items inside include favorites like M&M’s®, Skittles®, Kit Kat®, and more.

Choco Blast™–What better fundraiser can you find than chocolate? Our Choco Blast™ Variety was designed to include the most popular chocolate, candy, and snack brands. The fast-selling brands included like M&M’s®, Reese’s®, and Crunch® will undoubtedly make your fundraiser easier, allowing you to make more profit with every donor.

Add extra fun to your fundraiser with holiday-themed tags:

We have printable holiday tags that can be applied to our delicious lollipops to add holiday cheer to your fundraiser! You can download the printable tags here: Printable Holiday Tags

We have a dazzling variety of lollipop fundraisers, including Twister Pops, Rock Candy, and more. Each kind of lollipop is unique and a colorful, tasty way to make a profit all season long. Each of our lollipop fundraisers makes a stellar 50% profit for your group!

Katydids— Our Katydids are gourmet chocolate candy that makes excellent holiday gifts and gives your fundraiser 50% profit! Your donors will love the soft, rich caramel and fancy pecans covered with real milk chocolate. They are an excellent, fast-selling school fundraiser for chocolate lovers.

Look in our catalog or online to find the perfect fundraising items to suit your needs, and be sure to call with all the fundraising questions you have. Our live fundraising specialists are ready to help. Happy Holidays! Call 1-800-500-1234.