What Are the Best Halloween Candy Fundraisers for 2022?

October is here, and people are in the mood for chocolate and candy. As America returns to normal routines and social gatherings, Halloween is set to be especially big this year!  You can bring extra attention and extra SALES to your fundraiser this year by using a Halloween theme or selling at a Halloween event.

We have an exciting new selection of candy, chocolate, and perennial favorites for your October fundraiser in 2022. Our customers have trusted Old Fashion Candy for over 50 years to have the perfect products that make fundraising easy. Here are a few that you can use if you want to make a big profit for your group this Halloween season:

Supreme Selection®

Our Supreme Selection® is a fundraiser with a giant mix of brands so that you will have candy and snacks for everyone. Inside you’ll find top brand name chocolate like Reese’s®, Snickers®, Crunch®, Kit Kat®, M&M’s®, and more! Our Supreme Selection® also includes sweet and sour candy favorites like Skittles® and Warheads® Cubes. This candy and snack variety will make Halloween profit easy. Our experts select the right brands, so you can’t go wrong.

Caramel Apple Pops

Our Caramel Apple Pops are a fitting Halloween treat popular with students and adults. The delicious chewy caramel and a green sour apple lollipop are perfect for fall, and they are a unique, attention-grabbing item at parties. Start fundraising with this item for a big 50% Profit.

Chocolate Lover’s Bars

We don’t have to tell you that everyone is craving chocolate in October. Our Chocolate Lover’s Bars are fundraising favorites year after year. Your donors will have four delicious flavors to choose from, adding variety to your fundraiser. Our signature candy bars give your fundraiser a huge 50% Profit!

Prime Variety

The super popular brands in our Prime Variety will attract many donors. This variety includes Skittles®, Crunch®, Reese’s®, Twix®, and other big brand names that people look for during the Halloween season. With our Prime Variety, you will likely sell multiple items to each donor because there are so many big brand names of delicious candy and chocolate to choose from.

We wish you a fun and profitable October, and we hope you’re as excited about Halloween fundraising this year as we are. To get answers to your fundraising questions or place an order, please call our fundraising specialists at 1-800-500-1234.