Tips for a Successful Brochure Fundraiser

Many groups and schools choose to use brochures and catalog fundraisers because they take pressure off of sellers. They are simple, no risk fundraisers, and many come with no upfront cost. Here are our tips for making your brochure fundraiser a success!

Check out our Celestial Candle and Excite! Your Snacktime brochures.

Be concrete when explaining how your fundraiser will help your group. Donors want to see a clear connection between their donation and your goal. Let donors know the specifics of where their money will go.

Brochures offer an excellent opportunity to expand your sales with email and social media. You can reach a larger audience with more ease because most people check their email and social media regularly. Contact family, friends, friends of your school or group, and anyone at all who may be interested.

You can even email a copy of the brochure to potential donors and let them order via email!

Let people know some of the hot items available in your brochures. If you are ready with suggestions about items that donors will find fun and appealing it can help your donors make a decision and buy.

You can have an impressive and successful fundraiser when you make sure your message gets to your donors, and your brochures have right items for your audience. We have two brochures loaded with proven sellers:

Our Celestial Candle brochures are a good year round fundraiser that makes great gifts.

Our Excite! Your Snacktime has specialty items your patrons will enjoy.

See for yourself what brochures can do for your fundraiser. There is no risk involved with our brochure fundraisers because they are FREE to order.

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