how long should my fundraising

Q/A #1: How long should my fundraiser run?

Generally we recommend an average selling period of 2 weeks, including weekends, but the real question is how much of a timeframe do you have? If you have time on your side, this will allow you to do a larger or even multiple small fundraisers to meet your goals. Doing multiple fundraisers that are spaced out allow you to capitalize on selling several different products at different price points while not hounding your customers. Just make sure you allow a fair amount of time between fundraisers if you are advertising to the same group of people. Also, keep in mind that at Old Fashion Candy we have no minimum order so you can always start out with a conservative order to see how things go and then amp it up accordingly.

Seasonal fundraisers should be started 2-4 weeks prior to the holiday depending upon your timeframe for when your customers would like their products. If they are order place based fundraisers (such as our Celestial Candles or Excite), they typically have a 2-3 week turnaround to get your order. For our Christmas Old Fashion Candy Orders we ask that you turn in by November 20 so you get it in plenty of time before break. If you choose to sell a seasonal snack or candy fundraiser that is cash-on-sale, one to two weeks leadings up to the holiday is more than sufficient (make sure to check on ship time around the busy season).

No matter what fundraiser you choose or your schedule, allow time for late orders to be turned in after your deadline date. While you may have a set turn in by date, inevitably you will have some late arrivals and it is better to have scheduled in a bit of extra time than to be scrambling at the end.