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Profit per case: $25*


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*Suggested selling price: $1.00/item

Profit Calculator

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Cases Sold Total Profit
120 $3,000
80 $2,000
50 $1,250
25 $625

Product Details

Snack fundraisers and candy fundraisers provide an exceptional variety of yummy goodies that appeal to all of your customers. Snack and candy fundraising is a smart way to provide a treat for everyone. With salty and sweet snacks, this fundraising case is a hot seller! The School Store fundraiser is great for any school, office lunch room, or youth group.

Case Size 83
Assortment Includes
  • 4 M&M’s® Peanut
    5 Nestle® Crunch
    5 Andy Capp’s Hot Fries®
    8 Atomz Chewy Particles®
    8 Cookie Dough Bites Chocolate Chip®
    8 Welch’s Fruit Rolls®
    6 Grandma’s® Brownie Cookie
    6 Grandma’s® Chocolate Chip Cookie
    6 Grandma’s® Vanilla Creme
    4 M&M’s® Peanut Butter
    7 Mini Chips Ahoy!®
    7 Mini Oreo®
    5 Old Fashion Candy Chocolate Bars Assorted Flavors
    4 Rice Krispies Treats®

Suggested order 1 case per person selling.
Not all items shown in photo.

  • Gummy Worms

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  • Jelly Beans


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