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Why product fundraising may be a smart choice for you

While you may be overwhelmed with the dizzying number of options available for fundraising, product fundraising is still the most reliable method to raise money for your group today. Product fundraising such as candy or snack fundraisers gets donors to give more money more reliably than other fundraising practices.

It’s time to stop playing around with time-consuming fundraisers that yield small results! We have assembled big name candy and snacks so you can spend less time preparing. Get your fundraiser started quickly and see big results.

You may be surprised by the ways that product fundraising can make your job as a fundraiser easier.

One way it can help is that a good product can be a motivator for your patrons to spend more money on your fundraiser than they might otherwise. If your product is suggested as a gift, donors may buy more than one.

A good product can make fundraising easier for your team because it is easier to have a product than to ask for money directly. Students may find it difficult to ask for donations, and a good product will it make it much easier for them to explain their cause.

We have all sorts of products that work well in every season with all sorts of causes. Whether you’re raising money for sports games, school events, school clubs or church groups, we have the products to help you make the most of your opportunity.

Our Monster Variety is an excellent choice for sports games and Glow Stick Lollipops are a new and fun candy that is perfect for dances and parties.

If you have a noteworthy product, it can generate interest and publicity that you don’t have to create for yourself.

If donors are spreading the word about your product, they are doing valuable work for you and helping you make more profit.

We have Donation Dots® which can be a fun and interesting fundraising game that fits all occasions.

We have products to work for any occasion. The possibilities are so many. Our Celestial Candle brochures are good for any season, but some people find they sell especially well in fall and winter.

There’s a reason we’ve been making fundraisers successful for over 45 years. Product fundraising is a reliable method that works, and fundraisers see great results year after year. Give us a call, and let us find something that works well for you. Call 1-800-500-1234.