Cold Pack Shipping

Now get Chocolate in ANY Temperature!

We have exciting news at Old Fashion Candy. You can now fundraise any time of year, even in hot weather, with our incredibly popular $1 Chocolate Bars and $2 Chocolate Bars and with our name brand cases: Monster Variety, Chocoblast Variety™, and A Plus Variety.

That’s right, even in the hottest temperatures, we will be shipping some of our most popular products with Cold Pack Shipping. For you, this means no more worrying about getting your products on time while the weather cooperates. And no more limits on your fundraising time. You can fundraiser late in the school year or even expand your fundraisers to more occasions.

Maybe you’ve tried fundraising in warmer temperatures in the past but were not able to receive products because of the heat.

We are shipping $1 and $2 Chocolate bars, plus we are shipping our super popular Monster Variety, Chocoblast™ Variety, and A Plus Variety. You can get name brand candy, and our signature Chocolate Bar recipes at any time.

Cold Pack Shipping is an opportunity for a big profit boost in your fundraising.

Now can even be a great time to rethink your fundraisers! There may be events previously closed off to your fundraiser that are now WIDE OPEN. And you can be the first to capitalize on new fundraising events before your fundraising competition does.

The possibilities are endless, and many of our most successful customers agree this is an opportunity they do not want to miss.

Old Fashion Candy has invested in new technology.

We always want to provide the best offer in the fundraising industry, so we have invested in new technology that will make fundraising more convenient than ever before.

Sports games, end of year fundraisers, summer clubs…you can make fundraising profit at events any time of year.

Our Monster Variety is a case loaded with customer favorites in Large Sizes. This case remains popular year after year because it sells. We like to tell customers that they really can’t go wrong with this popular variety. Our Chocoblast™ Variety is a case of large size candy and snacks selected for Chocolate crazed donors!

Our Chocolate Lover’s Bars remain popular year after year as well. They come in 5 Delicious flavors, which create an excellent opportunity to sell multiples. We also have $2 Bars for big appetites.

Chocolate pretzel rods are a fun treat that sells well and makes a great gift. They come individually wrapped in 3 delicious flavors.

Send us your fun Hot Weather fundraising ideas that you come up with for your group! We’re excited to hear from you.

And call our fundraising experts with all your questions about Cold Pack Shipping, and fundraising in warm weather! Call 1-800-500-1234.