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Your fundraiser can be easier with our new website improvements

New features make ordering with Old Fashion Candy even easier

If you haven’t looked around the Old Fashion Candy website lately you may be missing some great improvements we’ve made. This year there are New Features that make ordering with Old Fashion Candy easier than ever! Visit our homepage and look for these features:

Live Chat

Old Fashion Candy has live chat! See for yourself how easy it is by accessing it at the bottom right of our homepage. We have REAL HUMAN fundraising representatives that are ready to help when you need them.

Hop on to our chat, and see how easy it is to get answers to all your questions from our certified representatives.

Scheduled Shipping

Want to get your fundraiser planned and moving but not ready to receive cases of product just yet? Old Fashion Candy now has scheduled shipping!

Call ahead and set up your order to Schedule Ship to make sure your fundraiser is as simple and smooth as possible. It will be shipped to you on the date of your choice.

Website Searchscheduled shipping

Our website has an updated search feature! Type in whichever item you’re looking for to search our products. Looking specifically for chocolate items? Or maybe non-food items? Search for “chocolate” or items such as “flashlights” and “lanyards”.

Updated Tools Page

Check out the updated tools on our Tools Page. On this page, you can download our latest catalog and access the most up-to-date, useful materials.

As always, Old Fashion Candy has industry fastest shipping as most orders ship within 24 Hours.

It has never been easier to order with Old Fashion Candy. Give us a call or hop onto web chat, and let us know how we can make your fundraiser the easiest and most profitable yet!

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