How to Win Big with Summer Fundraising

We get it. Your time is limited, and you would hope to make a big profit for your group while still having some time free time to enjoy the summer. We recommend candy fundraising because it’s easy and profitable, and it may be the quickest way for you to reach your fundraising goals.

Our goal is to provide the optimal brand-name candy and snacks that will maximize your fundraising profit.

Our candy varieties will help you sell quickly and sell a lot so that you can reach your goal and be on your way.

Everything about our fundraising varieties is designed to generate maximum profit for your group. We choose only brand-name candy and snacks so that you attract many donors, and they leave happy, ready to donate to your next fundraiser.

Summer Supreme Selection®

Our NEW Summer Supreme Selection® is an updated version of our summer fundraising classic. You can’t go wrong when fundraising with Skittles®, M&M’s®, Warheads Cubes®, Welch’s®, and more. With this fun and delicious variety, you can be assured that none of your fundraising candy or snacks will melt in the summer heat.

Our experts painstakingly research the most well-liked candy and snack brands so that your fundraiser captures your donors’ attention. While a donor is buying their favorite candy and snack from your group, they will likely notice another popular item in the variety case and buy extra for themselves or a friend.

Word spreads quickly when your group sells everyone’s favorite candy and snack brands!

Welch’s® Fruit Snacks

Our Welch’s Fruit Snacks® are an excellent fundraiser for outdoors and warm weather! We often recommend this variety for sporting events. Welch’s® is popular with students and adults alike, making this variety an easy way to make a big profit.

Main Street Variety

If there are children buying candy from your group, we recommend that you check out our Main Street Variety. The sour candies Nuclear Sqworms® and Sour Jacks Watermelon® pack a punch! They are especially popular with children, and many adults enjoy sour candy too. Our Main Street Variety is excellent for outdoor events. The fun candy included is sure to make your fundraiser stand out.

Look in our catalog or online to find an excellent variety to suit your needs, and be sure to call with all the fundraising questions you have. Our live fundraising specialists are ready to help! Call 1-800-500-1234.