How to make big profit with our NEW Candy Big Bags

We’re always looking for new ways to help our customers make the most money with little effort. Our customers trust us year after year because our fundraisers are easier than anyone else’s, and they work! You can skip the guesswork with your fundraiser because our experts use their years of experience to select the most popular and profitable candy and snack brands for every variety.

This season, customers have made big profit with our Candy Big Bags. This new, super-simple fundraiser comes in a $1 and $2 candy variety, which gives a $22 and $50 profit per person!

Each student only has to sell 6 bags!

The best part of the Candy Big Bags fundraiser is that each student only has to sell 6 bags to make a whopping $50 profit per person! It couldn’t be easier, and sales are quick because everyone has at least six contacts who would be happy to support your group by buying a big bag of their favorite candy brands! Our $1 Candy Big Bag only requires students to sell 5 bags in order to make $22 per person.

We make shipping simple.

We make shipping as easy as possible too. We will ship wherever you want! It’s your choice whether we ship to a school or your group members’ homes. Members will receive their six Candy Big Bags in one convenient case, and the cost of shipping is included.

All brand name candy

The $2 Candy Big Bags are filled with tempting, large-sized candy and chocolate brands, and are easy for students to sell to supporters for $20. Inside each bag is 10 of the hottest $2 candy and chocolate brands.

Each $1 Candy Big Bag comes with 17 of the hottest $1 candy and chocolate brands plus a bonus 7 oz. size of Starburst or Reese’s Cups, making the Candy Big Bags a simple $20 sale.

The holidays are coming!

There are so many chances to make big profit for your group this season. Thanksgiving and the holidays are near, which has everyone in the mood for candy and gives people all sorts of uses for candy and snacks such as counter displays and holiday party favors.

Don’t miss out on profit this season. You can get started today with our latest minimum contact fundraising option. Our fundraising experts are available to answer all of your questions.

Our Candy Big Bags are not listed on our website, so please call or email to be one of the select groups to make big profit this season with this new fundraising variety!

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