fundraising table setup

How to Get the Most Out of Your Table Setup

If you’re having a location based fundraiser where you are setup at a table or booth then have we got some tips for you. An organized and well-presented space ensures that passerby’s can clearly see your cause and products. Here’s some help on how you can get the most out of your location.

  1. Have a large, clearly written sign that says what you are selling and for how much. Include your group name as well.
  2. Ensure you have an organized table top with items in boxes/containers or stacked neatly.
  3. Have a small space towards the front of the table clear for patrons to gather their order or to place their purse/wallet down when exchanging payment.
  4. Placing a donation jar or box at the end of the table can only help bring in more money. This way if customers don’t purchase from you they are still able to contribute.