Halloween Fundraising Tricks

October is here, and it’s time to increase your fundraising sales with some Halloween hype!

Planning your fundraiser to work with a holiday is a great way to boost your profit. October is the beginning of the holiday season, and it’s a great time to be getting your fundraiser in front of donors.

We have excellent items lined up to help you maximize your sales through the Halloween season and until the end of the year.

Glow Stick Lollipops

Brighten things up with this unique lollipop. Our Snap and Glow lollipops are a fun, novel fundraiser that entertains students and adults alike. Donors will want all three exciting flavors and colors. This candy is perfect for Halloween parties.

Monster Variety

People are seeking candy this time of year, and our Monster Variety has everything they want. The large sizes of super popular brands will attract donors and get them to spend more by buying more than one kind of candy.

Twister Pops

Lollipops are a fun party treat for this time of year. Our Twister lollipops are giant at 9.5 inches tall! Each case has flavors like blue raspberry, cherry and watermelon patch. Start fundraising with this item for a big 50% Profit.

Chocolate Bars

Our Chocolate bars are a perennial fundraising favorite. The size of our large chocolate bars will wow your audience! Donors are looking for chocolate this Halloween, and they should be getting theirs from you. These candy bars come in a $1 Variety and a $2 Variety. The $2 variety offers 52% Profit!

All of the fundraisers featured in this blog have no minimum order. You can even mix and match to add a lot of variety to your fundraiser. Try using Halloween decorations as part of your fundraising setup. When you need help deciding the fundraiser for your group, please call our fundraising experts at 1-800-500-1234.