Halloween Fundraisers

It is October, which means it is officially Halloween season! Coordinating your fundraiser with a holiday or theming your fundraiser is a great way to capitalize on seasonal sales. October is the start of a major holiday theme season, and we have a great line up of Halloween fundraisers for you.

Boo Pops

Not super spooky but undeniably sweet and festive! Boo Lollipops are molded into fun Halloween shapes in a variety of flavors, making them a signature and scare-tastic Halloween fundraiser. This classic fundraising treat comes 80 pops to a case, in a variety of shapes and flavors, as well as bringing you up to 50% profit on sales.

Glow Stick Pops

Brighten things up with a super unique lollipop. Our new Snap and Glow Lollipops are a fun and funky kind of fundraiser that will leave you glowing with profit. They come in three flavors with coordinating colors. To make them glow, simply snap the stick and watch it light up the night. All lollipops also come with popping candy pieces for an extra burst of flavor.

Twister Pops

Get a lollipop with a twist, literally! A change from your average lollipop, Twister Pops are a whopping 9.5 inches long! Each case has 72 lollipops in blue raspberry, cherry and watermelon patch flavors and are ready to bring you a huge 50% profit.


Get a functional fundraiser with our new LED pocket flashlights. Perfect size for a backpack, purse or key ring and comes in handy for those dark autumn nights or even trick-or-treating. Flashlights are made with super bright LED bulbs and have a convenient carry strap on them with an easy push button on/off switch. Comes in 4 colors per case.

Chocolate Bars

Give people their chocolate fix with our Chocolate Lover’s Bars. Our premium chocolate bars come in 5 flavors: classic milk chocolate, peanut butter, crispy, almond and caramel. These candy bars come in a $1 variety and a $2 variety. Both offer 50% profit and more.

All of the above fundraisers have no minimum order so you can even mix and match varieties to create a smorgasbord of a fundraiser. To amp up the holiday spirit even more, you can set up a fundraising table and decorate it with autumn or holiday themed items like crepe paper, balloons, and signs. If you need assistance in selecting the type of fundraiser for your group or what quantity, our fundraising experts are always available at 1-800-500-1234 to assist you and answer any questions.