Fundraising Tips to Maximize Your Success

2020 marks our 50th year of helping customers maximize fundraising profit.

We’ve collected helpful tips from our customers who are successful fundraisers year after year, and we think now is a perfect time to share! Here are some things to consider when planning your fundraiser that should help your team be in the right mindset for success:

Where to sell

Candy and snacks are easy fundraising items that sell virtually anywhere. You can sell in a school cafeteria, at events, or think about setting up a fundraising table at sporting events, award ceremonies, or theater productions. Host a movie night complete with a snack bar. Making your fundraiser part of popular events with crowds is an excellent way to make sales with minimum effort.
People are typically happy to donate at events when they see appealing items. We’ve been testing popular candy and snacks for 50 years, and we only carry crowd-pleasing, brand name candy and snacks that sell fast!


Think about what jobs you will assign to people who volunteer and how you can use volunteers to make more sales and help you reach your fundraising goals faster.
Be sure to have a specific job for every volunteer. Having too many people involved can create confusion if there is not a clear plan in place.

Duration of Sale

Typically good fundraisers last two to three weeks. Find the date when you need to meet your profit goal, mark it on a calendar and plan a date two or three weeks earlier to begin selling.

Types of fundraiser

 All of our candy and snack fundraisers require money to be collected from donors at the point of sale.
Our brochures are FREE to order. They are a no-risk fundraiser because you only have to buy the products that donors have already selected. This way donors can place orders, and you only have to purchase as many products as your donors ordered.


Use signs to show crowds you are fundraising! Make your visuals bright and clear so that your fundraiser is really welcoming to donors. To help you get started, we have printable fundraising $1 Signs and $2 Signs.
Our knowledgeable fundraising experts are here to assist you with your questions. However much help you need, we are ready to help you select products and make plans. Let’s make this your fastest and easiest and most profitable fundraiser yet! Call 1-800-500-1234.