Fundraising Made Easy

When selecting a fundraiser to do, we know there are many claims out there about “easy fundraising.” At Old Fashion Candy, it is not just a claim it is one of our cornerstones. We’ve crafted, researched and refined not only our products but our business to better suit the needs of fundraising individuals and groups. We offer you fundraisers that can make you the most money as well as be a stress-free and easy going experience.

Throughout our 44 years in business, we’ve helped schools and groups all across the United States successfully meet or exceed their goals. We work with our customers to learn what is popular and sells the best. We do not just refine our varieties or offerings here and there; we are ALWAYS striving to give you the hottest selling items first and fast.

For our candy and snacks, we search the market to find quality products that provide a value to our customers and not some item that is inflated in price. Our selling prices are competitive and reasonable so you will not have to worry about missing sales or profit. Many of our varieties come packed into handy carrying boxes that keep the product safe and intact and are ready to pass out to your sellers. While candy remains the #1 fundraiser, we know that some groups are looking to fundraise with something different or are not able to sell food related items. Enter in our product fundraising items like candles, Donation Dots, key rings and more!

We have no minimum order on anything, and our case sizes are smaller than most competitors. Because of this you can order a single case to try a fundraiser or several to stock your entire group. No matter your quantity of sellers, we can outfit with them the items they need to meet goals. All orders ship directly from our warehouse and most within 24 hours so you can receive your order in 1-5 business days depending upon your location.

We also make paying for your fundraiser convenient and easy. We offer several payment methods including a 30 day billing so you can get your product and pay us later.

Let us prove to you how we offer the easiest fundraisers on the market. Our valued customers can attest to our quality of product and service:

Katrina V: “I ordered small at first to try the quality of the product, its ability to sell and if I could trust the company’s claims in their marketing/advertising. This is the most honest program I have seen and used. You order and pay. They ship fast. You sell. Done. Love it. ORDERING AGAIN NOW THAT I KNOW IT IS SAFE TO DO SO! People are buying a product they like and can afford ‘on the spot’ and know they are supporting a cause because it gives them a feeling of giving while they are receiving.”

Rebecca O: “No one at my school was using Old Fashion Candy, and my yearbook club wanted to do something that no one else was doing. Our first fundraiser sold out within a week, and everyone was asking where and how we got this new product. I told them about the catalog I received in the mail and how easy it was to use. Now, it seems like most of the clubs on campus are using OFC for their school fundraisers.”

You can read more of our customer testimonials on our review page here.