Fun Fundraising Idea for Theater Events

Making a game out of the fundraiser

We recently had a customer reach out to tell us about the creative game her organization used as part of their chocolate bar fundraiser and how happy they were with the results.

Pat Farrell of Mashpee Middle High School created a Golden Ticket game to go with the Blue Falcon Theatre Company’s production of the musical Willy Wonka.

She wrote, “Each of the 34 cast members had one box of chocolates to sell. In each box I hid one “Golden Ticket” for one free admittance to the show. Each bar had a sticker on it advertising the show.”

What we loved about Pat’s story is that she made her fundraising item tie in so cleverly with her event. It reminded us that there are so many ways to make your fundraiser an interesting part of your group or event that will get donors involved.

It’s easy to see why the chocolate bars were such big sellers for Pat’s organization!

Pat’s fundraising game was so cleverly tied in with her theater production. Good placement can really take your fundraiser to the next level. Old Fashion Candy chocolate bars come in large sizes, regular bars, and different flavors such as almond and caramel.

On our tools page, we have different themed wraps and signs to add flair to your fundraiser.

Pat goes on to say, “The rest of the bars were to be sold at the show. However, they have been such a hit that some kids are asking for more boxes to sell, so we had to order the additional boxes. It’s been so much fun hearing about the anticipation and delight people experienced as they looked for the Golden Ticket.”

A goal, game, or contest can make your fundraiser fun for your team and your donors.

Pat said, “If I had known how well it would go over, I would have ordered double the amount.”

We carry Donation Dots, an easy and fun fundraising game that is great for community involvement.

We work with successful fundraisers all over the country. Please let us know your fundraising success stories! If you’re looking for ideas, or curious about what products Old Fashion Candy has to offer call us at 1-800-500-1234.