Excellent Fundraising Items You Haven’t Already Used

Are your donors suffering from fundraising fatigue? It may be time to try a brand new fundraising product.

At Old Fashion Candy we pride ourselves in having exciting fundraising products that your donors likely haven’t seen before!

Do you wonder after fundraising with top brands and chocolate if there are more products that can open up new possibilities for your fundraiser?

These are some of our favorite products that may be new to you.

Donation Dots®

Donation Dots® is an easy fundraising game that makes 87% Profit! We like to point out to customers that this fundraiser could not be easier. Donors pick a scratch-off and donate the $1, $2, and $3 amount revealed.

Donors will feel good about helping your cause, and it’s a game that brings the community together. Donation Dots® take so little planning that it is certainly worth a try at least once.

Fundraising Brochures

Our fundraising brochures have premium items that donors love. Our Celestial Candle brochures are great year round and perfect for fall and winter. Excite! Your Snacktime offers premium candy and snacks.

Both brochures keep your fundraiser simple. Take orders from donors, and only order as much as you need to cut out the time you spend planning!

Think about brochures as an option to expand your audience and the time you can spend fundraising.

Chocolate Roses

Our Chocolate Roses are a delicious and delightful treat. Donors love them, and they make wonderful gifts!

Any kind of chocolate is an excellent choice in fall and winter.

Glow Stick Lollipops

You may not have noticed our Glow Stick Lollipops on our lollipops page. Donors love this item. It’s a fun novelty item for parties and dances.

What we like about this item is that it can open up new places for you to fundraise. Plus they are flashy and attention-grabbing!

You can probably imagine all kinds of events where you could have success with Glow Stick Lollipops.

A novel fundraising item can add pizzazz to your fundraiser and generate interest from donors. Whenever you’re in need of new ideas for you fundraiser call us at 1-800-500-1234.