energize your fundraiser

Energize your fundraiser with a powerful message!

Once you’ve found the right product for your fundraiser, putting thought into the message you give donors will maximize your sales.

We have some advice on how to amp up your message so that it connects with donors. It’s essential to the success of your fundraiser that donors understand why your group is so important.

The rules in this blog apply to both what you say verbally to donors or information you may include in a letter or email.

Message with emotion.

You can start your message with a fact, and then use emotion to back it up.

You will be less likely to get action from a donor when using numbers than when telling stories about specific people. When we hear stories about people, we are much more likely to become emotionally attached.

To demonstrate this point, picture these two examples.

Donor A hears that every year your group sends 200 students to volleyball camp.

Donor B hears the story of one student who always dreamed of playing collegiate volleyball, and your group sent her to a volleyball camp that gave her the training she needed and helped her earn a volleyball scholarship that year.

Which donor do you think is more like to have an emotional connection to your group that compels them to donate?

Remember to end your story with a clear call to action, and your listener will want to help!

In your message, make the donor realize that your organization is not the one in need. The people that your group helps are the ones in need.

Make donors feel important.

You should let donors know that they are making a difference.

Instead of talking about what your group does, think about phrases that say, “Because of you, students have the (computers, sports equipment, training, etc.) they need.”

The right product along with the right message can make a winning fundraiser for your group. Try our Large Chocolate Bars. People love our signature chocolate recipe. Also our exclusive Monster Variety has eye-popping large sizes of top brands. The simple ideas in this blog will be beneficial, and we think they should be shared to remind fundraisers how to think about messaging. Be sure to show your team!

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