Easter fundraising ideas

Easter Fundraising

If you’re planning on a springtime fundraiser, why not coordinate it with the Easter holiday? Matching fundraisers up with holidays are a great way to up potential sales because it provides your buyers with not only a treat, but a treat they can use/give for the holidays.

To help make the best holiday & fundraiser parings, think about what your potential customers might need or something that they might normally pick up at a local store that you could provide to them. Items such as our lollipops or milk chocolate roses are great Easter fundraisers because they’re little unique treats people could include in Easter baskets or give as small gifts to those during the holiday. If you have signs attached to your boxes or a table, why not make another sign that says “GREAT FOR” and then make a short bullet point list of ideas to help spark a sale.

Doing holiday fundraisers gets your audience with two key purchasing points:

  1. They are helping a great cause – YOURS!
  2. Not only are they getting an item in return but can also serve as a gift or item that they would otherwise purchase elsewhere.