How to choose your perfect fundraiser

Are you overwhelmed with options for your fundraiser? Or trying to find the perfect fundraiser for your group and not sure where to start?

Customers often ask us for advice about what products will work best for their group fundraisers. They wonder if they should choose products based on the percentage of profit they make or choose based on the season or fundraising event.

Profit Margin

Choosing a fundraiser based on profit margin is essential when shopping for your perfect fundraising items. All of our varieties have a high profit margin compared to competitors, but you still may be wondering how the difference in profit margin between our varieties can affect your fundraiser.

We encourage fundraisers to try varieties with higher profit percentages. (Our Monster Variety is a very popular choice.) While sellers will have $2 items instead of $1, this usually doesn’t make a difference to donors. A $1 upsell isn’t enough to turn off a donor once they are ready to help your cause.

The $1 item difference can have a significant impact on your fundraiser and can help you make more profit and get your fundraiser done in less time.

Consider your audience

Customers have told us they have the best luck if they get chocolate for adults and fruity candy for kids.

Consider whom you will be relying on most for donations. We have cases with all sorts of wonderful and popular chocolate, candy, and snacks. (Supreme Selection is very popular, and Choco Blast is popular for chocolate lovers.)


No matter what group you are with, chances are you will not be the only one fundraising. If you cannot be the only fundraiser on a given day, there are ways that you can stand out.

If there are other fundraisers at the same time as yours, choose a fundraising product different from what others are selling.
Provide a variety of pricing. With no minimum order, you could sell several differently priced items to increase your sales.

Do you have past experience?

If you have seen something do well in the past, it’s likely it will succeed again. However, one of our recommendations is that you try $2 items if you’ve had luck with $1 items. You may be surprised by your results.

Never be afraid to try a new product. Customers have used some of our more unconventional items and had excellent results.

Some helpful Old Fashion Candy features

No minimum order makes it easy to order a few cases of several different varieties so that you can test different kinds of candy.
All varieties come in convenient and sturdy carrying cases.
A word of advice: If possible, set up a display table to get the most exposure possible. Donors will find the display inviting and see the variety of candy you have.

Our goal is to take away the stress and hours of prep time from your fundraiser. Whether you are experienced or just starting, our experts are here to answer your questions, help you select your best fundraising variety, and get your order shipped to you quickly. Call 1-800-500-1234.