3 Stand-Out Back to School Fundraising Items You Should Know in 2022

It’s back to school season, and students and parents are already depending on you to ensure your group has the funds it needs. We can feel your headache, but don’t worry. We’re here to help you reach your fundraising goals without the hassle. In over 50 years of business, we’ve perfected the product fundraiser, so you can have the best results in the shortest time possible.

If you’re like many of our customers, you may have skipped a fundraiser in the past few years and want an easy way to get started again. We’re here to help you capitalize on your opportunity for back to school profit with our always current and popular selections of brand name candy and snacks, shipped to your door in the unmistakable Old Fashion Candy blue carrying case.

Here are some of our favorite new items to get you started making easy back to school profit this year:

Supreme Selection® Variety

Inside our Supreme Selection® Variety, you’ll find top brand name candy and snacks, including Skittles®, Reese’s®, and Nestle Crunch®. With candy this popular, many sellers start with a few cases and sell out so quickly that they have to order more. The fun mix of sweet, sour, and chocolate candy ensures that you will have candy and snacks for students and adults alike. Our Supreme Selection® fundraiser makes back to school profit a piece of cake.

Excite! Your Snacktime

When back to school season begins, we see a lot of interest in our FREE brochure fundraiser: Excite! Your Snacktime. It’s such an easy and fun fundraiser because you make 50% profit, and there is no risk to you. Your donors select from delicious and delightful candies and snacks like Cookies n’ Cream, Katydids, and Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins. Planning is simple because you only pay for what you sell.

See our colorful brochure online here: Excite! Your Snacktime brochure

Summer Supreme Variety

Our Summer Supreme Variety gives you all the warm weather brand favorites to make your fundraiser easy such as M&M’s® Peanut, M&M’s® Milk Chocolate, and Welch’s®. It is another excellent variety for back to school fundraising with candy and snack items that will not melt in the summer heat. We will also remind you that children go wild for sour candy!

We hope these ideas will help you get started today. Old Fashion Candy has been helping customers be successful fundraisers for over 50 years because our products get great results for fundraisers across the country every school year.

Want more ideas? Our fundraising specialists are here to help. Call us at 1-800-500-1234.