End Of Year Fundraising


The year may be winding down but don't feel like you have to sacrifice your goal reaching for a time crunch. We work hard to make sure it is quick and easy to order and run your fundraiser no matter what product you decided to go with. While all of our products ship within 24 hours and are in stock, we have assembled a small list of items that make great end of year fundraisers:


Lollipops are a great fundraising standby. We have classic round lollipops as well as shapes, sour pops, rock candy, Blow Pops, and our latest addition, chocolate roses.They are a low cost seller so product is easy for you/your group to make sales quickly.


Our chocolate bars come in $1 or $2 sizes along with 5 flavor varieties or assorted packs. Plus, they are all 50% profit to you so that's even more money towards your goal.


One of our easiest and low hassle fundraising options are our Donation Dots. These scratch off cards come in 4 different themes and each card brings you $100 each! There is no product to sell or cases to carry around, simply have customers scratch a dot and donate what they reveal.


Class of key rings & lanyards make a great fundraiser. Not only do they cater to the pride everyone has for their year but during this holiday season you can help market them as small gifts for friends. You can purchase kits of a single year or purchases kits of multiple years and divide them up between sellers so they have a range to cater to everyone they come across.

You can order all of our fundraisers online or call 800-500-1234 and one of our fundraising experts can answer any questions as well as set you up with a fundraiser that's just right for you and your goals. 


How to Get the Most Out of Your Table Setup


    If you're having a location based fundraiser where you are setup at a table or booth then have we got some tips for you. An organized and well-presented space ensures that passerby's can clearly see your cause and products. Here's some help on how you can get the most out of your location.

1. Have a large, clearly written sign that says what you are selling and for how much. Include your group name as well.
2. Ensure you have an organized table top with items in boxes/containers or stacked neatly.
3. Have a small space towards the front of the table clear for patrons to gather their order or to place their purse/wallet down when exchanging payment.
4. Placing a donation jar or box at the end of the table can only help bring in more money. This way if customers don't purchase from you they are still able to contribute.


Capitalize On Summertime


With summertime comes great weather, and with great weather people are out and about more often. Creating or scheduling your fundraiser around summer activities and taking advantage of the weather can add a much needed boost to your fundraiser and your profit margins. Here are some ideas on how you can capitalize on the summer season:

Trivia nights are great any time of year and summer is no exception. Your group may be familiar with hosting trivia nights; if not, you can contact local restaurants, lodges, churches, etc. who may host them or have available space for you to schedule your own. At the trivia night, setup a table for use as a snack bar. This allows your patrons to have something to munch on and also brings in extra profits. Varieties such as the Summer Snack and Summer Supreme are great options because they offer a large variety of snack options for your guests to select from. You can also try offering the larger boxed items such as the Summer Theater Variety which are good for sharing, and bring in more profit.

If you work with a church, school or scout group that has access to an auditorium or large space then you have an ideal space to host a movie night. Advertise with yard signs placed outside the building where the movie night will be hosted as well as at local hot spots and busy intersections. Signs should be out for at least a week and a half prior to the date so as to ensure good exposure and turnout. At your movie night, setup a table near the entrance to advertise movie snacks. Larger packaged items like those in the Summer Theater and Summer Mega will make guests feel like they are actually at the movies. Having Donation Dot Cards (*link) can also be plus for those who opt not purchase snacks, but can still want to fund your cause.


Holding a car wash is a classic summer fundraiser. They are relatively easy to put together and many hands make light work if you are the head of a group or team. Spice up your car wash with a sweet edition by offering a treat while they wait or as an alternative to getting their vehicle washed. Variety boxes like Welch's Fruit Snacks and Airheads have fun fruity flavors, perfect for a summer treat.