Ultimate Fundraising Cheat Sheet

Old Fashion Candy has nearly 50 years of experience helping people reach their fundraising goals.

We have learned the steps to getting a fundraiser started on the right foot, as we help people reach their goals year after year. This is the Old Fashion Candy fundraising cheat sheet, and the steps included will help you start your fundraiser strong this year.

Make a plan.

Always start with a plan. Think about how many sellers are in your group, and how much you can expect each to sell. Ordering is convenient with our No Minimum Order policy because you can order just enough and reorder if you sell more than you expected.

You can start with our free fundraising planning tools on our tools page:

We have a page of Fundraising Tips, Permission Slip, and a Record Chart.

Consider the time of year or holiday.

When your fundraiser is a good fit, it will be easy to sell to donors. We have fundraisers that fit every season! Try to make your product coincide with a holiday or season. During seasons such as Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day donors are already looking for candy! Try to make your product fill a need your donor has such as finding a holiday gift or needing a snack at a party or event.

Encourage donors to use items as gifts.

Donors are likely to buy multiples of your product if they think of the item as a gift. Framing your sale as gift items is a simple way to increase profit for your fundraiser.

Our brochure fundraisers are full of excellent gift items.

Large Profit Margins

Try selling larger size items to increase your profit margins. Larger items mean that you can sell fewer to reach your fundraising goal!

Our Monster Variety has large sizes of top brand names such as Skittles®, Reese’s®, and Kit Kat®.

The price difference in our large items is small enough that it usually doesn’t make a difference to donors, but it can mean magnitudes for your fundraiser.

These tips can make a big difference for your fundraiser. Please share them if you find them useful, and call 1-800-500-1234 to talk to one of our fundraising experts today.