Summer A Plus Variety® Candy Fundraiser

Profit per case: $25*


  • No refunds, returns or allowances.
  • Sweet, sour, and chocolaty favorites
  • All-star selection exclusive to Old Fashion Candy
*Suggested selling price: $1.00/item

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Profit Calculator

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Cases Sold Total Profit
120 $3,000
80 $2,000
50 $1,250
25 $625

Product Details

This is one candy fundraising box that definitely makes the grade when it comes to bringing in profits and reaching your fundraising goals.

Case Size 95
Assortment Includes
  • 8 Sour Punch® Straws-Strawberry
    8 Nuclear™ Sqworms
    8 Grandma’s® Chocolate Chip Cookie
    8 Atomz® Chewy Particles of Sour
    8 Rice Krispies® Treats
    7 Andy Capp’s® Hot Fries
    8 Skittles®
    8 M&M’s® Peanut
    8 Fruit by the Foot®
    8 Sour Jacks® Watermelon
    8 Cheddar Cheese Goldfish®
    8 Sour Punch® Straws-Apple

Suggested order 1 case per person selling.
Not all items shown in photo.

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