Dynamic™ Candy Fundraiser

Profit per case: $38*


  • No refunds, returns or allowances.
  • FAST! Most Orders Ship Out Within 24 Hours
  • 7 Different Candy Favorites
  • A Great Variety for the Candy Lover!
  • Free Prizes! Earn 1 Prize Point Per Case
*Suggested selling price: $1.50/item

Profit Calculator

${{ per_case }}{{ (per_case * cases).toFixed(2).replace(/\.00$/, '') }}
Cases Sold Total Profit
25 $950
50 $1,900
80 $3,040
120 $4,560

Product Details

Candy fundraisers are the best way to raise money for any organization. They are delicious, low priced and fast sellers. The Dynamic™ Variety is an outstanding candy fundraiser packed with the most popular name brand candies that your customers cannot resist.

Case Size 72
Assortment Includes
  • 12 Kit Kat®
  • 9 M&M’s® Peanut
  • 12 Reese’s® Cups
  • 12 Skittles®
  • 10 Snickers®
  • 8 Starburst® Minis
  • 9 Twix® Caramel

Suggested order 1 case per person selling.

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