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make more moneyWe have many candy fundraisers, snack fundraisers, lollipop candy fundraisers, brochure fundraisers, scratch-off card fundraisers, "class of" key rings and lanyards, and more. Select the products that work best for your school fundraising or other group fundraising needs. Our Exclusive Candy Fundraisers are great ideas for raising money quickly. They contain the most popular snacks and candy. Fundraising assortments are designed to sell-out fast! 

There is no minimum order on any of our fundraising products! At Old Fashion Candy Company you can order just the quantity you need. In fact, we encourage you not to order too much product. You can always order more if you decide you need to. Order only what you know you can sell and when your candy fundraiser takes off, order more. In fact, order as often as you want. With no minimum order and 24 hour shipping on most products, you can have what you need when you need it.