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Less Work For You

old fashion candy fundraisingWe take the guess work out of selecting what sells. We preselect items that we know are bestsellers and place them in handy carrying cases for you. Once you make your selection as to which case is right for you, we ship right away. Your product comes to you ready to hand out to your sellers.

When you place your order, select one of our three payment arrangements, approved credit, credit card, or electronic funds transfer (check by phone). With approved credit, your payment is due 30 days upon receiving your merchandise.

You can get your candy fundraiser started and make payments after you have collected earnings from your sellers. Prepaying by credit card is quick and easy. If you have funds in your treasury, prepay with an electronic funds transfer (check by phone) and then devote all your attention to your candy fundraiser. Call our Service Representatives or use our website to provide the necessary account or billing information.