For the health and safety of our employees, our office will be closed through April 7. You can still contact us via email at or reach us by phone at (800) 500-1234
For the health and safety of our employees, our office will be closed through April 7. You can still contact us via email at or reach us by phone at (800) 500-1234
Old Fashoin Candy. Fun Raising Money

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Getting Started with Old Fashion Candy Fundraising

Have Fun Raising Money with Old Fashion Candy

We have many candy fundraisers, snack fundraisers, lollipop candy fundraisers, brochure fundraisers, scratch-off card fundraisers, "class of" key rings and lanyards, and more. Select the products that work best for your school fundraising or other group fundraising needs. Our Exclusive Candy Fundraisers are great ideas for raising money quickly. They contain the most popular snacks and candy. Fundraising assortments are designed to sell-out fast!*

  • We ship most orders within 24 hours
  • Ship nationwide, excluding Hawaii and Alaska
  • Candy fundraisers typically sell quickly, sometimes in just a few days
  • Our Exclusive Varieties contain assortments that sell out fast.
  • Our Friendly Old Fashion Service is dedicated to meeting your needs

Order Your Fundraising Materials and Merchandise

Call 1-800-500-1234 or follow the easy to use instructions on our site to place your order. Call our Friendly Old Fashion Candy Service Representatives to make any special arrangements or get quick answers to any questions you may have about ordering or school fundraising. See our suggested order quantity for each product and order only the quantity you need. There is no minimum order and you may order as often as you need.

When you place your order, select one of our three payment arrangements, approved credit, credit card, or electronic funds transfer (check by phone). With approved credit, your payment is due 30 days upon receiving your merchandise. If not paid within 30 days, you will be subject to a 2.0% monthly service charge.

You can get your candy fundraiser started and make payments after you have collected earnings from your sellers. Prepaying by credit card is quick and easy. If you have funds in your treasury, prepay with an electronic funds transfer (check by phone) and then devote all your attention to your candy fundraiser. Call our Service Representatives or use our website to provide the necessary account or billing information.

Old Fashion Candy Ships the Product Directly to You

We ship the product directly to you right away! Most orders ship within 24 hours and many go out the same day. We ship all orders United Parcel Service and you should receive your order 2 to 5 business days after we ship. Special shipping arrangements and restrictions are necessary for select products during hot summer months.

Distribute Products to Your Sellers and Get Started!

When your order arrives, be sure to double check your packing slip with what you have received, then distribute products to your sellers. Getting started quickly is important. Plan to meet with your sellers right away to distribute your candy fundraiser. Explain how you plan to reward the top sellers with free prizes. Be sure to plan how you are going to monitor your sellers' progress and collect from them. Explain it clearly to your sellers. Well planned candy fundraisers bring great success! Check out our Help For Your Fundraiser for tools to assist you with your school fundraising.

An organized system for collecting receipts is one of the most important parts of candy fundraising. Collect receipts regularly and use the opportunity to motivate and encourage your sellers. Set a firm deadline for the submission of all receipts and have a plan for enforcing it. When it comes time to wrap up your fundraiser, don't delay taking care of any business arrangements. Deposit receipts, send us your payment, then order and distribute your free prizes. Upon completion of your candy fundraiser, we will send you a letter with information regarding your prize point earnings that you may use towards the prize of your choice.

Reorder to Raise More Money

There is no minimum order on any of our fundraising products! At Old Fashion Candy Company you can order just the quantity you need. In fact, we encourage you not to order too much product. You can always order more if you decide you need to. Order only what you know you can sell and when your fundraiser takes off, order more. In fact, order as often as you want. With no minimum order and 24 hour shipping on most products, you can have what you need when you need it.

The Fun Isn’t Over Yet!

Your organization earns prize points based on the amount of fundraising products you order from us. Typically, each case is worth 1 prize point. You convert your prize points into your choice of free prizes when you pay for your Old Fashion Candy Company products according to the terms of the Purchase Agreement.

Free prizes make great motivators for your sellers. Once your invoice has been paid in full, you will be mailed a letter notifying you of how many prize points you have earned. You may order your gift online or call your friendly Old Fashion Candy representative at 1-800-500-1234.

Return Policy

Unopened cases of non-food items in good condition may be returned. You must call in advance to arrange the return so that shipping and receiving details can be confirmed. Shipping must be prepaid by you. To ensure quality and freshness, food items may not be returned. Inspection and restocking fees will be charged for all returned merchandise. To ensure quality, all returned merchandise must be inspected before restocking. We charge a $2.00 restocking fee, per case, to cover these costs.

*Price, weight, content, case quantity and availability subject to change at any time.

*Stated profit per case and profit percentages do not include sales tax where applicable.