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Old Fashion Candy

  • The Benefits of Fundraising with Old Fashion Candy

    There are several fundraising avenues for you to research when starting one of your own so let us prove to you why Old Fashion Candy is the best. With over forty years of providing fundraisers to groups and individuals, our team is unmatched when it comes to quality, name brand fundraisers, variety, and customer service. Below are just a few of the standout services and reasons to go with Old Fashion Candy for your fundraising.

    FREE Prizes
    Any time you order from Old Fashion Candy, you automatically earn prize points to put towards free prizes. You can use your prize points after each fundraiser or save them up for larger items you see in higher prize categories. You can use prizes as incentives for top sellers, class rewards, or even auctioning it off as part of your fundraiser. Read more about earning prize points here. You can browse the prize categories and see all the exciting prizes from which you can choose.

    Sealed Cases
    All of our fundraising case items come sealed. This seal ensures that no tampering can be done to your items, and your sellers won't break into them until the appropriate time.

    Many of our varieties offer up to 50% profit, which makes meeting your goals faster and easier. All of our products are quality, name brand items so you can be sure they will sell fast.

    Most orders are shipped within 24 hours of placing your order, many of which go out the same day. All items are shipped via UPS within 2-5 business days to your door. While shipping costs are extra, we offset the cost to you by providing you with free merchandise from which profit raised will match that of the cost of shipping. This way you will recoup all of your shipping cost.

    We build all of our candy and snack cases with variety in mind. Whether you want minimal variety with big impact like our Big 4 Variety or lots to choose from with our Supreme Selection, we have a candy and snack mix for you! Old Fashion Candy stocks a large selection of lollipops as well in several shapes, flavors and types for a classic and low selling point fundraiser. In addition to our fundraising treats we also offer brochure fundraisers and other item based fundraisers like key chains, lanyards, and scratch off Donation Dot cards.

    No Minimum Order
    A huge key to fundraising is to not be roped into more items to sell than you need. At Old Fashion Candy, all of our items have no minimum order so you can order the exact amount of cases that you need. You can even reorder a few or just one case to fit your customer demand and goals.

    Customer Service
    One of the cornerstones of our business is providing you with top notch quality service from fundraising experts. Our customer service department is based directly in our warehouse and has extensive knowledge of all of our fundraising offerings. They can assist you as much or as little as you need in answering questions and even helping you pick out a fundraiser that suits your group and goals. You can reach us at 1-800-500-1234 or even message us on our Facebook page or Google+ page.

  • Successful School Fundraisers

    Whether you are a seasoned fundraising veteran, new to the fundraising game or anywhere in between there are always tips you find out by doing or from others on how to make your fundraiser go smoothly. We've assembled some tips and tricks for having stress-free and successful school fundraisers.



    Whether you're a few months or weeks out from a fundraiser or need to start one immediately, asking yourself the following will put you off on the right foot for starting your fundraiser:


    When do I need to have my goal money in hand?

    There is probably a set date you will need your profit by, say to pay for activity fees, group travel, supplies that will need to be ordered, etc. Once you have selected your date you can work backwards to plan an appropriate schedule. A typical fundraiser, usually, runs 2-3 weeks. A cash and carry fundraiser is where the customer gives you money immediately for the product you are selling. With this type of fundraiser, you can run your fundraiser up to your deadline day since you have your product in hand. With an order based fundraiser like our Celestial Candles or Excite Your Snacktime brochures, you'll need to factor in if you will be collecting money upon customer's placing their order or if you will collect money upon delivery of their order. If you choose to collect it upon delivery, you should account for order delivery time to the customer. We recommend collecting the money when a customer places their order.


    If you are using your earned profit to purchase items then, you may need to consider the order period or shipping of those items. You may find that this impacts your timeline. Most our cash and carry fundraisers ship from our warehouse in 24 hours so you will have your product in 2-5 business days. With order based fundraisers, you will receive your product within two weeks.


    Do I need volunteers?

    Depending upon the size of your fundraiser, length of time, and other scheduling factors you may want to consider adding some volunteers. Start early by sending out flyers with your fundraising information, purpose, goal, and timeframe. You may also want to include your contact information if you are asking for assistance with setup, order taking, organizing an event, etc. Many hands make light work and having the sellers themselves; family, friends, co-workers, etc. all working together can help alleviate stress on the fundraising planner and make things go smoothly. If you are holding after school hours fundraisers, it may be helpful to have a sign up sheet for your group to select spots and take turns manning the fundraising station.



    There are two types of fundraisers: cash and carry and order takers. With cash and carry fundraisers you purchase all products up front and exchange money for the product during the sale. The majority of our fundraisers, including our candy and snack varieties, are this type of fundraiser.


    Order takers are the second type of fundraiser and where our Celestial Candles and Excite Your Snacktime brochures come into play. Once you have brochures in hand, your sellers collect orders from customers, you place your product order as a group and then later deliver products to your customers. Our order taking fundraisers are great because you don't have to purchase any product up front, and the brochures are all free. Once you've collected all the individual orders from your group, place your total product order with us and pay for only the items you've sold. When your items come in, be sure to schedule a bit of time to sort out the sales from each of your sellers. Provide them with a copy of their order form so they know to whom to deliver the product.



    If you are doing food based fundraising, consider not just selling during school hours, but at events too. See if you can set up a snack table at sporting events, a small concessions area at musical productions, or even host a movie night complete with snack bar. Working your school fundraisers into activities that are already drawing people in is a fast and easy way to make sales with minimal effort.

    If you are fundraising at an event, be sure to have posters or signs around your table or selling area. Signs that state "fundraising for (your group here)" and even your selling price point are helpful in pulling patrons in. Chances are also high that you'll make more sales having signs since people will be more apt to purchase something that they know is helping a good cause. To help get you started we have some pre-designed sign templates you can fill your groups name in on here: $1 signs or $2 signs.

    As always, our friendly fundraising experts are on hand to assist you with any and all of your fundraising questions. If you need a little help or a lot, we are happy to assist you in picking and planning out  school fundraisers that are fast, easy and profitable.

  • Popular School Fundraising Ideas

    The school year is off and running and with students and faculty alike settled into a schedule and routine, now is the perfect time to start that group fundraiser. All of our school fundraising ideas are easy to get started and have no minimum order. One of our fundraising experts can help you select a fundraiser and quantity that is right for your group and goals. Below we've assembled a few of our most popular fundraisers to help guide you in your quest to make money and meet your goals:


    A $1 selling point and large product selection per case make this variety top of the class! Name brand items fill this case with favorites like KitKat, M&M's, Sour Punch Straws and more.


    Looking for a bigger product fundraiser with no hassle? Look no further than the Monster Variety. This big case has bigger boxed items that you sell for more and, in turn, make more faster. Theater sized candies are all name brand treats and are perfect for selling at athletic events, band/choir/music concerts and other school fundraising events.


    You can't ever go wrong with chocolate! Our signature chocolate bars are made up of premium milk chocolate and come in 5 flavor varieties: Classic Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Caramel, Almond, and Crispy. All flavors come in two sizes, a $1 and $2 variety. Both of these bring in 50% profit and more.


    We have two signature brochure fundraisers: Celestial Candles  and Excite Your Snacktime. Celestial Candles has a new autumn brochure out with seasonal scent favorites in our premium candle line as well as other products like wooden wick candles, sand diffusers, and our new ceramic warmer with wax melts that are more than double the normal size! Excite Your Snacktime is filled with treat time favorites like Hokey Pokey, nuts, chocolate covered nuts, gummies and more. Both brochures are completely free to order. Once you receive them, your group can get started taking orders and you only pay for what you sell so there is no left over product. On top of that, both brochures' items bring you 50% profit.


    A brand new item to our fundraising selection is LED Pocket Flashlights. Flashlights are compact and come with an attached strap so they can go anywhere. They come in four colors and bring you 50% profit.


    A classic and fast selling fundraiser are lollipops. Their low selling price make them an easy item to sell quickly. Unique lollipops like our new Glow Stick Lollipops and BOO Lollipops are great for fall fundraisers. Glow Stick pops come in 3 flavors and colors, crack the stick to make it glow and dip lollipop into the bonus crackling candy pieces. BOO pops are shaped just for the Halloween season and come in a variety of flavors.

    In addition to the popular above fundraisers, we've also introduced the Smart Variety this fall in compliance with the USDA's new program Smart Snacks In School. All of our items fit the USDA's nutritional guidelines and can be sold during school hours, on school campus. All items are name brand snacks with a healthier twist! If you have any questions on what items can be sold in school you can learn more here.

    If you would like help selecting a fundraiser fit for your group or have questions, you can call and speak with one of our fundraising experts at 1-800-500-1234.

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