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Old Fashion Candy

  • Holiday Fundraising

    Tis the season for holiday fundraising! Cold weather, holiday sounds and more all signal the end of the year. But have no fear there is still plenty of time to hold a profitable fundraiser.

    Coordinating or theming your fundraiser with the holidays is a great way to boost interest and potentially make more than you would normally. Make your holiday spirit known by putting "Holiday Fundraiser" on your signs or incorporating festive decorations around your table setup. Items like our chocolate bars, $1 and $2 variety, lollipops and chocolate pretzel rods all are great holiday snacks and can double as sweet small gifts or stocking stuffers.

    As a bonus, theme out your fundraising products! Tie festive tags around your lollipops with curling ribbon or gift wrap yarns for extra incentive and fun. You can download our free printable tags here and make as many as you need. If you're working with a group, have each seller cut and tie tags on their case of lollipops or do an assembly line to get many hands involved. Getting your sellers involved in set up is also a way of allowing them to have a feeling on control and accomplishment when selling these festive items.You can also use these tags to tie around chocolate pretzel rods or anything else that your creative mind can come up with!

    Having pens at your table to allow customers to write to and from names on the tags is a way to make your fundraising items more personal. Displaying your fundraiser is key too. Sticking the lollipops in a styrofoam base to stand upright is also a great way to display your items and further make sales. Use a styrofoam tree or our lollipop tree to bring that holiday theme in even more! Candy, snacks and other flat items can be displayed on themed table cloths or even in boxes wrapped like presents. If you are doing a table setup, consider having more than one item to sell in order to have variety. We have no minimum order on any of our items so you can mix and match cases to come up with your ideal setup.

    Don't feel limited to a table setup either. You can have your sellers decorate the outside of boxes or bags that they carry their product in. Putting a selling price on the outside is also helpful when making quick sales.

    If you're looking to do a holiday fundraiser that's quick and easy, give one of our friendly fundraising experts a call today at 1-800-500-1234 and they will help set you up with a top selling, profit boosting fundraiser to get you where you need to be before holiday break.

  • Fundraising Made Easy

    When selecting a fundraiser to do, we know there are many claims out there about "easy fundraising." At Old Fashion Candy, it is not just a claim it is one of our cornerstones. We've crafted, researched and refined not only our products but our business to better suit the needs of fundraising individuals and groups. We offer you fundraisers that can make you the most money as well as be a stress-free and easy going experience.

    Throughout our 44 years in business, we've helped schools and groups all across the United States successfully meet or exceed their goals. We work with our customers to learn what is popular and sells the best. We do not just refine our varieties or offerings here and there; we are ALWAYS striving to give you the hottest selling items first and fast.

    For our candy and snacks, we search the market to find quality products that provide a value to our customers and not some item that is inflated in price. Our selling prices are competitive and reasonable so you will not have to worry about missing sales or profit. Many of our varieties come packed into handy carrying boxes that keep the product safe and intact and are ready to pass out to your sellers. While candy remains the #1 fundraiser, we know that some groups are looking to fundraise with something different or are not able to sell food related items. Enter in our product fundraising items like candles, Donation Dots, key rings and more!

    We have no minimum order on anything, and our case sizes are smaller than most competitors. Because of this you can order a single case to try a fundraiser or several to stock your entire group. No matter your quantity of sellers, we can outfit with them the items they need to meet goals. All orders ship directly from our warehouse and most within 24 hours so you can receive your order in 1-5 business days depending upon your location.

    We also make paying for your fundraiser convenient and easy. We offer several payment methods including a 30 day billing so you can get your product and pay us later.

    Let us prove to you how we offer the easiest fundraisers on the market. Our valued customers can attest to our quality of product and service:

    Katrina V: "I ordered small at first to try the quality of the product, its ability to sell and if I could trust the company's claims in their marketing/advertising. This is the most honest program I have seen and used. You order and pay. They ship fast. You sell. Done. Love it. ORDERING AGAIN NOW THAT I KNOW IT IS SAFE TO DO SO! People are buying a product they like and can afford 'on the spot' and know they are supporting a cause because it gives them a feeling of giving while they are receiving."

    Rebecca O: "No one at my school was using Old Fashion Candy, and my yearbook club wanted to do something that no one else was doing. Our first fundraiser sold out within a week, and everyone was asking where and how we got this new product. I told them about the catalog I received in the mail and how easy it was to use. Now, it seems like most of the clubs on campus are using OFC for their  school fundraisers."

    You can read more of our customer testimonials on our review page here.

  • Fundraising With Fun Stuff

    Successful fundraisers do not just come in the form of candy or snacks. Sometimes your fundraising situation may call for a food alternative fundraiser or you need to stand out from the crowd with something different. That is where our product fundraisers come into play.

    Class of Lanyards and Key Rings

    If you are working with a high school, class of fundraisers are just up your alley! We offer Class of lanyards as well as silver or gold key rings in years from 2015 through 2018 to cover all current graduating classes. Each year is sold individually, so you can focus on the current graduating class or because we offer no minimum order, get a case of each year to cover them all. Both the lanyards and key rings are at 50% profit to you.

    Sports Key Rings

    If you like the idea of key ring fundraisers, but want something less school oriented, try out our sports key rings. We have four popular sports team logos made out of a flexible plastic. Sports key rings are also 50% to you.


    Two of our standout product fundraisers are our Celestial Candles and Excite Your Snacktime brochure fundraisers. Both brochures are completely free to order, and you only pay for the product you sell to customers. We offer premium items in each brochure, and they bring you 50% profit. You can find out more about our brochure fundraisers in last week's blog post.

    Donation Dots®

    Bring in that cash on the spot with our Donation Dots® cards! Simply have customers scratch off a dot on the card to reveal a donation amount. Our Donation Dots® cards coordinate with your group and come in 4 designs including an all occasion card that will work with any fundraiser. You cannot go wrong with this product fundraiser because these cards are worth a whopping 87% profit to you!


    A new and bright fundraising idea is our new LED pocket flashlights. Each case comes with flashlights in four colors and is a great size to fit in a backpack or purse. All flashlights have a push button on/off switch and handy carry strap. Flashlights will bring you 50% profit.

    All items above are listed under the "More Ideas" section of our website. If you have any questions or would like to get started with a product fundraiser, please give us a call at 1-800-500-1234.

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