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Old Fashion Candy

  • Q/A #5: What Are Prize Points & How Do They Work?

    Any time you sell Old Fashion Candy Fundraisers you automatically earn prize points. Prize points are given on a per case basis (for example 1 prize point per case) and the amount of points can differ for each fundraiser. Once your invoice has been paid in full you will be mailed a letter notifying you of how many prize points you have earned and are able to redeem for free prizes.

    Prizes are grouped in categories of total points, the lowest starting at 30 points. You can browse our entire selection of redeemable prizes here as well as cash in your prize points online.

    You do not have to use the points all at once. You can save some or all of them and bank them. If a person does not order with us again and they are not used, they will stay on your account for two years and expire at the end. However, if  you consistently order with us the points will remain on your account indefinitely.

  • Q/A #4: Do You Do Both Individual Fundraising & Group Fundraising?

    Yes, we do! 

    You do not have to be a part of a group, school, church, etc. to purchase or sell Old Fashion Candy fundraisers. Maybe you are a high school student trying to raise money to help you fund a class trip, or you're hosting a family reunion and want to raise money to help curb next years cost of food or location rental. No matter your fundraising cause we can help!

    There is no minimum order on any of our fundraisers so you can order one case, or one-hundred cases. This way we make it simple for you to try out a particular fundraiser and if it does well then you can simply order more. Plus, most orders ship in 24 hours or less so your order (or re-order) will get to you quickly so you can start raising money right away.

    Not to be left out, Old Fashion Candy fundraisers work great for groups as well, big or small! Because each fundraiser variety can differ on selling price and quantity we make it easy and quick for you to see how much you will be bringing in. On each product page there is a guide below the image that outlines profit from if you sell 25 cases up to 120+ cases (for example: On the Supreme Selection if you sell 25 cases then you get a total of $575 in profit).  In addition, select fundraisers have 50% profit automatically attached - so no matter how few or many cases you order, you receive 50% profit. You can see all of our 50% profit fundraisers here on our latest Pinterest board.

  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day

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