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  • Energize your fundraiser with a powerful message!

    Once you’ve found the right product for your fundraiser, putting thought into the message you give donors will maximize your sales.

    We have some advice on how to amp up your message so that it connects with donors. It’s essential to the success of your fundraiser that donors understand why your group is so important.

    The rules in this blog apply to both what you say verbally to donors or information you may include in a letter or email.

    Message with emotion.

    You can start your message with a fact, and then use emotion to back it up.

    You will be less likely to get action from a donor when using numbers than when telling stories about specific people. When we hear stories about people, we are much more likely to become emotionally attached.

    To demonstrate this point, picture these two examples.

    Donor A hears that every year your group sends 200 students to volleyball camp.

    Donor B hears the story of one student who always dreamed of playing collegiate volleyball, and your group sent her to a volleyball camp that gave her the training she needed and helped her earn a volleyball scholarship that year.

    Which donor do you think is more like to have an emotional connection to your group that compels them to donate?

    Remember to end your story with a clear call to action, and your listener will want to help!

    In your message, make the donor realize that your organization is not the one in need. The people that your group helps are the ones in need.

    Make donors feel important.

    You should let donors know that they are making a difference.

    Instead of talking about what your group does, think about phrases that say, “Because of you, students have the (computers, sports equipment, training, etc.) they need.”

    The right product along with the right message can make a winning fundraiser for your group. Try our Large Chocolate Bars. People love our signature chocolate recipe. Also our exclusive Monster Variety has eye-popping large sizes of top brands. The simple ideas in this blog will be beneficial, and we think they should be shared to remind fundraisers how to think about messaging. Be sure to show your team!

    We are ready to answer your fundraising questions. Give us a call at 1-800-500-1234.

  • Excellent Fundraising Items You Haven’t Already Used

    Are your donors suffering from fundraising fatigue? It may be time to try a brand new fundraising product.

    At Old Fashion Candy we pride ourselves in having exciting fundraising products that your donors likely haven't seen before!

    Do you wonder after fundraising with top brands and chocolate if there are more products that can open up new possibilities for your fundraiser?

    These are some of our favorite products that may be new to you.

    Donation Dots®

    Donation Dots® is an easy fundraising game that makes 87% Profit! We like to point out to customers that this fundraiser could not be easier. Donors pick a scratch-off and donate the $1, $2, and $3 amount revealed.

    Donors will feel good about helping your cause, and it’s a game that brings the community together. Donation Dots® take so little planning that it is certainly worth a try at least once.

    Fundraising Brochures

    Our fundraising brochures have premium items that donors love. Our Celestial Candle brochures are great year round and perfect for fall and winter. Excite! Your Snacktime offers premium candy and snacks.

    Both brochures keep your fundraiser simple. Take orders from donors, and only order as much as you need to cut out the time you spend planning!

    Think about brochures as an option to expand your audience and the time you can spend fundraising.

    Chocolate Roses

    Our Chocolate Roses are a delicious and delightful treat. Donors love them, and they make wonderful gifts!

    Any kind of chocolate is an excellent choice in fall and winter.

    Glow Stick Lollipops

    You may not have noticed our Glow Stick Lollipops on our lollipops page. Donors love this item. It’s a fun novelty item for parties and dances.

    What we like about this item is that it can open up new places for you to fundraise. Plus they are flashy and attention-grabbing!

    You can probably imagine all kinds of events where you could have success with Glow Stick Lollipops.

    A novel fundraising item can add pizzazz to your fundraiser and generate interest from donors. Whenever you’re in need of new ideas for you fundraiser call us at 1-800-500-1234.

  • 5 Reasons Product Fundraising Is Still the Surest Way to Fundraise Today

    There are so many options for fundraising today, and you may be wondering: What kind of fundraiser will make the best use of my time?

    We believe that product fundraising is still the surest way to fundraise today, and it’s an option that you should consider if you’d like to make more money with less hassle.

    Here are our 5 Reasons why product fundraising is still the most efficient way to fundraise.

    1. Less Time

    Time is money! Anything that can clear your schedule and put more time in your hands should be considered a plus! The more time you save planning your fundraiser, the more time you can spend raising money for your cause. Our experts design fundraising varieties with an excellent assortment of top brands that will save you time, and sell quickly.

    2. Variety

    Appeal to your donors’ appetite for something new and exciting! There are so many options for product fundraising.

    We have specialty items in our Excite! Your Snacktime brochure.

    Make sure your donors avoid fundraising burnout by making use of the variety that product fundraising offers. Today it seems there are more fundraisers than ever, and it’s important to make sure donors don’t suffer from fundraising fatigue.

    3. Recognizable

    When you use brand name products, the brands have done much of your publicity work for you. Your donors will likely know these brands and be happy to help your cause by purchasing their favorite candy. Old Fashion Candy carries big names like Skittles ®, Kit-Kat ®, and Snickers ®.

    Try our Monster Variety and Choco Blast for a wide array of brands.

    4. Easy to scale

    With a DIY fundraiser, you may have to put a lot of effort into teaching people what they need to know to participate. But with the right product, you can always add more sellers to your group.

    Old Fashion Candy varieties come in cases that are easy to hand off to sellers, and if you sell out, ordering more is quick and easy.

    5. Reliable

    Our varieties make money for fundraisers all over the country year after year.

    Our experts continually test name brands to find what sells best for the season. Our specially selected items will help you maximize your fundraising efforts!

    Make use of our expertise. Our experts continually test new brands to find what will sell best for the season. Our specially selected items will help you raise more money for your cause with each fundraiser.

    Based on our experience, we believe a product fundraiser is the best use of your time and the most reliable way to make money for your cause.

    Call one of our fundraising experts with all your questions, and browse our website to see what big selling varieties we offer. Call 1-800-500-1234.

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