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  • Last Minute Holiday Fundraising Tips

    It's almost Christmas break which means it's time to start wrapping up your end of year fundraisers. With the holidays fast approaching you'll want to get the most out of the fundraiser you are just starting or the one you are finishing up. Everyone is a hustle and a bustle with school, work, etc. activities so here are some tips to help you optimize your holiday fundraising sales no matter what stage of the fundraiser you are in:

    1. If you're fundraising at a school, church or other organization that has holiday productions (plays, choirs, bands, etc.) talk to the head of the auditorium or performance leader to see if your group can set up a table at the entrance with your fundraising snacks.
    2. If the arena does not allow food during its performances, try selling during intermission or after the show - make sure your table area has large signs saying when the items are available if patrons cannot purchase them prior to the show starting.
    3. Approximately a week or so before stopping your fundraiser, request your sellers to bring in their remaining merchandise. See if certain people in your group have sold out of a particular item(s) that others have left over - this could be because people they are selling to have a particular taste in mind. Take a count and redistribute items to each seller so you can optimize to each person's selling ability and customer demographic.
    4. Contact local organizations such as lodges, community centers and craft shows to see if your group can be a part of the function. Selling candy and snacks at the front entrance or doing a simple fundraiser like our scratch off Donation Dots can be a quick and easy way to bring in last minute profit.
    5. When selling your items, make mention or have signs denoting if they would be great as small gifts or stocking stuffers, such as individually wrapped items like pretzel stickslollipopslip balmsberry buds and chocolate bars - this can be a great incentive to passerby’s to stop and purchase.

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