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  • 6 Profitable Places to Sell Fundraising Candy

    Having the right product is an essential part of making the most of your fundraising efforts, but you may not be putting as much thought into where you sell your products. There are some less obvious places to sell candy that are underused and could help make your group a lot of profit. Most areas with a lot of foot traffic will work really well in helping you sell for your fundraiser.

    Here are some places that are worth trying that you may not have considered:

    Farmers Markets

    If there is an occasional farmer’s market in your community, it would be a place filled with civically minded shoppers who would be eager to help your cause.

    Take Candy to a Workplace

    You would be surprised at how much candy you can sell without even asking. Employees are usually looking for an afternoon snack or something to eat with their lunch, and people like being able to help. Customers in the building may want to help too if they see candy at the register or in a waiting room.

    We have candy and snacks in our Choco Blast Variety.

    Outside of Walmart Stores

    This deserves its own category. There is so much traffic around a Walmart that you can almost always be able to make a profit with a well-presented fundraiser, and Walmart stores are typically happy to allow fundraisers to set up outside. Be sure to contact a manager beforehand to get permission and a suggestion of a good time for you and the store.

    Outside of a movie theater

    This is a place where people are already anticipating eating candy, and there can be excellent foot traffic at the right time of day or on the premiere weekend of a popular movie. You will also need to contact a manager ahead of time for permission and time slots that will work well for the theater.

    Old Fashion Candy has Theater Size candy in our Monster Variety.

    Retirement Communities

    If you have students selling, residents may be happy to see young people and eager to help your cause. Of course, student sellers should be instructed to be polite and respectful.

    A Parking Lot After a Concert or Event

    Taking your fundraiser to a crowd after an event will expose your fundraiser to a lot of people in a very short amount of time. It can be an excellent way to make profit quickly. Remember that students sellers would require supervision.

    New locations can be a great way to make better use of your time and maximize your fundraiser’s potential, and you may find new donors when you see a location other fundraisers have not used. Old Fashion Candy sells Candy and Snacks to work in every event. Speak to one of our fundraising specialists today, who can tell you about a variety that fits your needs. Call 1-800-500-1234.

  • Candy Grams! Great Valentine's Day Fundraiser Idea

    We have been getting many requests for new fundraising ideas for Valentine’s Day, and we decided to re-post this blog about how to make Valentine's Candy Grams:

    It's a new year, and time for new fundraising ideas. Having your fundraiser coincide with a holiday is a great idea because it can allow you to tap into some of the holiday buzz. Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays for a fundraiser because patrons are looking for gift items, and candy is closely tied to the holiday.

    Items such as chocolate barschocolate roses, and lollipops are wonderful treats to make into candy grams that make for great gifts to exchange near Valentine's Day. Boost sales and add Valentine's flair with our free download & print chocolate bar wraps and lollipop tags.

    Download $1 size Chocolate Bar wraps 
    Download $2 size Chocolate Bar wraps

    Download the wraps and follow the instructions to cut them out. Allow patrons to select a chocolate bar and a wrap design, then wrap the bar for them.

    If you would like to wrap the bars before selling, keep a few things in mind:
    - If you are selling a single chocolate bar flavor, make sure you have a sign(s) stating they are chocolate bars
    - If you are selling multiple flavors of chocolate bars, you may want to wrap each flavor in its own design so you and your customers can easily distinguish between them or keep them in labeled boxes by flavor

    Let's not forget about Chocolate Roses and Lollipops! You can download and print our fun valentine's tags to attach. Follow the how-to instructions on the download. Similar to the chocolate bars, you can pre-attach the tags to the lollipops or let your customers choose the tag they wish for you to attach.

    Go even further with your lollipops and create a festive and fun bouquet! Group several pops together and tie with ribbon of your choice. Be sure to price these by adding together the cost of each item in the bouquet. Further instructions on making the lollipop bouquets can be found here.

    We've also created valentine's themed sale signs for you to use in addition to the tags and wraps. Download and print these $1 signs or $2 signs to post on your selling table. You can even place them on or inside candy or snack fundraising boxes as a decorative and informative eye catcher for your candy gram sale.

    All Downloads

    Valentine Tags
    $1 size Chocolate Bar Wraps 
    $2 size Chocolate Bar Wraps 
    $1 sign
    $2 sign 

  • Easy Candy Fundraising in 2018

    It’s easy and profitable! A candy fundraiser might be the quickest way for you to reach your fundraising goals this year.

    Candy is an item children and adults love, and most people are happy to help your cause when they see a well thought out fundraiser and an appealing item!

    Your time is limited and valuable. You want to make sure all of your time and effort fundraising is put towards activities that generate money for you. We want to help you delegate as much work as you can to free up valuable time.

    We’ve spent nearly 50 years helping fundraisers succeed all across the country.

    Everything about our fundraising varieties is engineered for efficiency and profit generation, and we strive to make sure no customer loses time or potential revenue.

    When you order with Old Fashion Candy, you aren’t just getting brand name candy tested and proven to sell. You are getting a package engineered for success from start to finish.

    Our Supreme Selection® is a popular item with everyone’s favorite candy including sweet, sour, and chocolate.

    Our candy comes in cases ready for distributing to your sellers. The Old Fashion Candy box is unmistakable.There may even be some Old Fashion Candy fans out there who will recognize your fundraiser!

    Inside each box is an envelope for sellers to keep the money they collect.

    There is also a chart for keeping records of your sales on our Tools Page.

    The candy in each box has been specially selected to be a big seller for your fundraiser.

    Many customers run out and order more before their fundraisers are complete.

    Our Monster Variety has theater sizes of big brand names such as Skittles® and Kit-Kat®.

    We also have our own Chocolate Bars, a timeless seller. They are available in a regular ($1) and a large ($2) size.

    It’s likely that your sellers may be students, and they will need advice about how to ask donors for a sale.

    It can be very helpful to have some specific that students can point to as to how the fundraiser will help their cause.

    Maybe students can say that the money they raise will cover the cost of uniforms for their group or travel costs for their club. Giving donors a mental image to attach to your cause helps your donors feel confident that their money is going towards something worth-while.

    You could also tell the students to give a specific about how close they are to reaching the group’s goal. For example, they can tell donors that they are only $100 away from having enough money for sports equipment they need. When donors feel that they are making a difference they will be more likely to give!

    Look in our catalog or online to find an excellent variety to suite your needs, and be sure to call with all the fundraising questions you have. Our live fundraising specialists are ready to help! Call 1-800-500-1234.

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