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  • 5 Reasons Product Fundraising Is Still the Surest Way to Fundraise Today

    There are so many options for fundraising today, and you may be wondering: What kind of fundraiser will make the best use of my time?

    We believe that product fundraising is still the surest way to fundraise today, and it’s an option that you should consider if you’d like to make more money with less hassle.

    Here are our 5 Reasons why product fundraising is still the most efficient way to fundraise.

    1. Less Time

    Time is money! Anything that can clear your schedule and put more time in your hands should be considered a plus! The more time you save planning your fundraiser, the more time you can spend raising money for your cause. Our experts design fundraising varieties with an excellent assortment of top brands that will save you time, and sell quickly.

    2. Variety

    Appeal to your donors’ appetite for something new and exciting! There are so many options for product fundraising.

    We have specialty items in our Excite! Your Snacktime brochure.

    Make sure your donors avoid fundraising burnout by making use of the variety that product fundraising offers. Today it seems there are more fundraisers than ever, and it’s important to make sure donors don’t suffer from fundraising fatigue.

    3. Recognizable

    When you use brand name products, the brands have done much of your publicity work for you. Your donors will likely know these brands and be happy to help your cause by purchasing their favorite candy. Old Fashion Candy carries big names like Skittles ®, Kit-Kat ®, and Snickers ®.

    Try our Monster Variety and Choco Blast for a wide array of brands.

    4. Easy to scale

    With a DIY fundraiser, you may have to put a lot of effort into teaching people what they need to know to participate. But with the right product, you can always add more sellers to your group.

    Old Fashion Candy varieties come in cases that are easy to hand off to sellers, and if you sell out, ordering more is quick and easy.

    5. Reliable

    Our varieties make money for fundraisers all over the country year after year.

    Our experts continually test name brands to find what sells best for the season. Our specially selected items will help you maximize your fundraising efforts!

    Make use of our expertise. Our experts continually test new brands to find what will sell best for the season. Our specially selected items will help you raise more money for your cause with each fundraiser.

    Based on our experience, we believe a product fundraiser is the best use of your time and the most reliable way to make money for your cause.

    Call one of our fundraising experts with all your questions, and browse our website to see what big selling varieties we offer. Call 1-800-500-1234.

  • Ultimate Fundraising Cheat Sheet

    Old Fashion Candy has nearly 50 years of experience helping people reach their fundraising goals.

    We have learned the steps to getting a fundraiser started on the right foot, as we help people reach their goals year after year. This is the Old Fashion Candy fundraising cheat sheet, and the steps included will help you start your fundraiser strong this year.

    Make a plan.

    Always start with a plan. Think about how many sellers are in your group, and how much you can expect each to sell. Ordering is convenient with our No Minimum Order policy because you can order just enough and reorder if you sell more than you expected.

    You can start with our free fundraising planning tools on our tools page:

    We have a page of Fundraising Tips, Permission Slip, and a Record Chart.

    Consider the time of year or holiday.

    When your fundraiser is a good fit, it will be easy to sell to donors. We have fundraisers that fit every season! Try to make your product coincide with a holiday or season. During seasons such as Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day donors are already looking for candy! Try to make your product fill a need your donor has such as finding a holiday gift or needing a snack at a party or event.

    Encourage donors to use items as gifts.

    Donors are likely to buy multiples of your product if they think of the item as a gift. Framing your sale as gift items is a simple way to increase profit for your fundraiser.

    Our brochure fundraisers are full of excellent gift items.

    Large Profit Margins

    Try selling larger size items to increase your profit margins. Larger items mean that you can sell fewer to reach your fundraising goal!

    Our Monster Variety has large sizes of top brand names such as Skittles®, Reese's®, and Kit Kat®.

    The price difference in our large items is small enough that it usually doesn’t make a difference to donors, but it can mean magnitudes for your fundraiser.

    These tips can make a big difference for your fundraiser. Please share them if you find them useful, and call 1-800-500-1234 to talk to one of our fundraising experts today.

  • Spring Candy Grams 2018

    Presentation is half the battle. Once you’ve found the right product, presenting it appealingly will help you get the most out your fundraiser!

    An excellent presentation sets you apart from other fundraisers, and the best part is that it’s free. Without spending additional money, there is a lot you can do to enhance your fundraisers.

    Spring has excellent tie-ins for your fundraiser. Our seasonal Chocolate Bunnies are a favorite this time of year. They are an easy candy to sell because they are a perfect fit for Easter.

    Take a look at our free printable spring candy wraps.

    They are a great way to add flair to your fundraiser and make you stand out in the crowd. Our wrappers are made to fit our $1 Chocolate Lover's Bar and $2 Chocolate Lover’s Bars. They have fun spring designs and make our chocolate an even better gift item.

    We have three cheerful designs you can print out and use to add sparkle to your fundraiser and make more profit. We also have tags to attach to Lollipops or Chocolate Pretzel Rods.

    You can also try making sweet candy bouquets! Select one or more of our Lollipops or Chocolate Roses. Add a ribbon to the bouquet and tie like a bow! We recommend no shorter than 12 inches. It makes a beautiful, festive candy bouquet. The possibilities are endless for spring!

    If you have a fundraising table, our wraps and pop-ups are lovely attention getters.

    And a well put together fundraiser generates a lot of sales because donors are attracted when it shows that the group has put thought into their fundraiser.

    We also have stands shaped like favorite spring animals, with punch-out holes to attach to lollipops. You can download and print them here to add a fun, creative presentation to your candy.

    For more information, call our Candy Gram specialists 1-800-500-1234.

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