For the health and safety of our employees, our office will be closed through April 7. You can still contact us via email at or reach us by phone at (800) 500-1234
For the health and safety of our employees, our office will be closed through April 7. You can still contact us via email at or reach us by phone at (800) 500-1234
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Old Fashion Candy

  • Our Favorite High Profit Margin Fundraisers

    In our 50 years of business, we've helped thousands of loyal customers increase their profit with every fundraiser. Today we want to share some practical tips that you can use to boost your fundraising profit right now.

    We tell many of our customers that the easiest way to boost your fundraising profit is by selecting a high margin product. It takes no additional effort from you, and the results can be spectacular.

    Here are some of our favorite items that will be perfect for increasing your fundraising profit in 2020.

    Try these high profit margin fundraisers in 2020.

    Monster Variety

    Our fundraising experts have specially selected the candy in our Monster Variety for high volume sales and big margins. This case contains top name brands that donors love in large sizes, and will generate 50% Profit for you group. Our experts have selected the candy in our Monster variety for maximum effectiveness.

    Customers order our Monster Variety year after year because it works. It’s a reliable variety to maximize your profit for any fundraiser.

    Donation Dots

    Donation Dots make fundraising easy with a whopping 87% Profit! Donors scratch off a dot and donate the number revealed, and each card yields $100 in profit.

    The cards are a community fundraising game that you can set out at events or have volunteers take to donors in person.

    Be sure to explain what the donation will help buy for your group as you ask people to participate, and donors are usually thrilled to help a worthy cause.

    Chocolate Pretzel Rods

    Our Chocolate Pretzel Rods is a unique fundraiser with a lot of appeal! Donors love our three delicious flavors: White Drizzle, Sprinkles, and White Chocolate with Cookie Crumbles.

    This delightful fundraiser is a customer favorite because it works year after year, and it gives 50% Profit for your fundraiser!

    Welch’s Variety

    Welch’s Fruit Snacks are a really nice fundraiser for outdoors and warm weather! We often recommend this variety for sporting events. Welch’s is popular with students and adults alike, which makes this this variety an easy way to make big profit.

    We hope this post gives you a good start in thinking about products with great margins to increase your fundraising profit. We’re here to help you increase your profit with every fundraiser. Give us a call to talk to one of our fundraising experts. Call 1-800-500-1234.

  • Fundraising Tips to Maximize Your Success

    2020 marks our 50th year of helping customers maximize fundraising profit.

    We've collected helpful tips from our customers who are successful fundraisers year after year, and we think now is a perfect time to share! Here are some things to consider when planning your fundraiser that should help your team be in the right mindset for success:

    Where to sell

    Candy and snacks are easy fundraising items that sell virtually anywhere. You can sell in a school cafeteria, at events, or think about setting up a fundraising table at sporting events, award ceremonies, or theater productions. Host a movie night complete with a snack bar. Making your fundraiser part of popular events with crowds is an excellent way to make sales with minimum effort.
    People are typically happy to donate at events when they see appealing items. We've been testing popular candy and snacks for 50 years, and we only carry crowd-pleasing, brand name candy and snacks that sell fast!


    Think about what jobs you will assign to people who volunteer and how you can use volunteers to make more sales and help you reach your fundraising goals faster.
    Be sure to have a specific job for every volunteer. Having too many people involved can create confusion if there is not a clear plan in place.

    Duration of Sale

    Typically good fundraisers last two to three weeks. Find the date when you need to meet your profit goal, mark it on a calendar and plan a date two or three weeks earlier to begin selling.

    Fundraising Varieties

    Our candy and snack fundraisers generate instant profit, and donors get to have the candy they choose right away. It's always a big draw to have donors' favorite candy and snack brands out on display! If you are fundraising at an event, the audience can enjoy items with a game or show.
    Our brochures are FREE to order. They are a no-risk fundraiser because you only have to purchase the products that donors have already selected. This way donors can place orders, and you purchase as many or few products as you need.


    Use signs to show crowds you are fundraising! Make your visuals bright and clear so that your fundraiser is really welcoming to donors. To help you get started, we have printable fundraising $1 Signs and $2 Signs.
    Our knowledgeable fundraising experts are here to assist you with your questions. However much help you need, we are ready to help you select products and make plans. Let’s make this your fastest and easiest and most profitable fundraiser yet! Call 1-800-500-1234.
  • Valentine's Day Fundraising with Candy Grams

    2020 is a new decade, and we think it's a great time for new fundraising ideas. An excellent way you can start the year is by capitalizing on all of the Valentine's Day buzz this season. What better time than now to make tons of profit with chocolate and candy?

    Boost your sales with Valentine's flair!

    Our FREE chocolate bar wraps and Lollipop Tags are available to download and print and can add a sales boost to our fast selling items! You can easily turn Chocolate barschocolate roses, and lollipops into charming Candy Grams that are perfect Valentine's Day gifts.

    Download $1 size Chocolate Bar wraps 
    Download $2 size Chocolate Bar wraps

    Download the wraps and print them. Just follow the instructions included. You can wrap your chocolate before or the fundraiser or allow donors to choose their favorite.

    Chocolate Roses and Lollipops

    You can download and print our creative Valentine's tags for our Chocolate Roses and Lollipops! Tag your lollipops for display or let donors choose which tag they want.

    Go wild with your lollipops and create a festive and fun bouquet! Group several pops together and tie with a ribbon of your choice, and price the bouquet by adding together the cost of each item. You can find further instructions on making the lollipop bouquets here.

    We've also created valentine's themed sale signs for you to use in addition to the tags and wraps. Download and print these $1 signs or $2 signs to post on your selling table. You can even place them on or inside candy or snack fundraising boxes as a decorative and informative eye-catcher for your candy gram sale.

    Check out all the wraps and tags!

    Valentine Tags
    $1 size Chocolate Bar Wraps 
    $2 size Chocolate Bar Wraps 
    $1 sign
    $2 sign 

    See it all on our Tools Page.

    It's easy to see that Valentine's Day is an exciting time for fundraising. We've seen our customers have big success year after year, and we know you can be the next Old Fashion Candy success story.

    Call us with all of your Valentine's Day questions at 1-800-500-1234.

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