Chocolate and Easter: A Winning Fundraising Combination

Easter is a time of celebration, community, and, of course, chocolate! If you are looking for a sweet way to raise money for your school clubs, sports teams, or church group, consider selling chocolate around the Easter season. Chocolate and candy are popular treats that people love to buy and enjoy, especially during holidays like Easter.

Chocolate and candy are popular fundraisers because they appeal to everyone. Who can resist a delicious treat, especially when it supports a good cause? Not to mention, chocolate is simple and fun to sell, and there are so many options to cater to different tastes and events. Chocolate and candy fundraisers are a win-win for those fundraising and the donors.

Almost everyone purchases or receives chocolate during the Easter season, giving you a huge open market. People also tend to buy more chocolate and candy during festive seasons as gifts or treats.

High profit margins! Many of our chocolate fundraisers have 50% profit.

Treat yourself and your supporters to our Large Chocolate Lover’s Bar fundraiser. This offer from Old Fashion Candy features four delicious, signature recipe chocolate bars that are easy to sell and generate 50% profit for your group. Chocolate is the #1 fundraising idea for schools and is popular among all ages, so don’t miss this chance for Easter season profit.

Katydids are a classic chocolate candy with a big following. They are made with real milk chocolate, smooth caramel, and crunchy pecans. Whether you need to raise money for your school clubs, sports teams, of church groups, Katydids are a great choice. You will enjoy 50% profit on with every sale, making this Easter season fundraiser an easy choice for your group.

Brand Name Chocolate

Our Mega Variety is an excellent fundraiser for any group wanting to raise money quickly and have fun. You can offer your customers a large collection of the top names in chocolate and candy, including Reese’s®Skittles®M&M’s®, and more. Attract tons of donors with the brand names everyone loves for more profit! Don’t forget: We give FREE prizes for selling.

Easy and Profitable Way to Fundraise with Chocolate

Our Choco Blast™ variety is an excellent choice to appeal to every chocolate craver! Our experts have selected irresistible popular chocolate brands to make selling fast. Imagine how quickly your group can sell Reese’s®, Crunch®, M&M’s®, and Snickers®. No need to explain your fundraising items to donors. Everyone loves these delicious chocolate candies, and you can have them for your fundraiser with a great profit margin.

Get ready to sweeten up your fundraiser this Easter season! With chocolate as your secret weapon, you can quickly make profit for your organization and spread joy in your community. Fundraising with chocolate is a fun and exciting activity that brings people of all ages together. So, what are you waiting for? Order your chocolate fundraiser now, and make this Easter season the sweetest! Call 1-800-500-1234.