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All Star Candy Fundraiser

All Star Candy Fundraiser


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  • All Star Candy Fundraiser
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    • Selling Price: $3.00 per Item
    • Your Profit: $60.00 per Case

    The best candy fundraisers are those with the most popular name brand products that everyone is familiar with. Cure the afternoon hunger hit with this candy fundraiser. The All Star Variety is an excellent variety of name brand candies that your customers know and trust. Candy fundraisers are a lot of fun, fast sellers, and a simple way to raise money for schools, churches and other groups.

    Additional Information

    Case Size 40
    Assortment Includes
    • 4 Kit Kat®
    • 4 Reese’s® Pieces box
    • 4 Reese’s® Cups
    • 4 Twizzlers® Strawberry
    • 4 M&M’s® Peanut box
    • 4 M&M’s® Milk Chocolate box
    • 4 Skittles®
    • 4 Sour Punch® Bites
    • 4 Welch’s® Mixed Fruit Snacks
    • 4 Welch’s® Fruit ‘n Yogurt Strawberry Snacks

    Suggested order 1 case per person selling.

    Customer Reviews

    You organized everything for us. Review by Donna C.
    Our candy arrived on time, we are grateful for the extra box. We made a net profit of just a little over $900. WE sold within the allotted time. You organized everything for us. I'm very happy with the efficiency of how you run your sales and my prom committee worked well because of how you had everything all laid out and ready for us.

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    How do I know if I can sell higher price point items in my area?

    Anyone can fundraise with items that cost more than the typical $1 fundraiser! Groups large and small have tried and found great success with these varieties and the industry is quickly growing to include more items at various price points. Thousands of our customers have earned over $10,000,000.00 selling items with higher price points.

    How do the increased selling priced items benefit my fundraiser?

    When selecting more than just a $1 variety, there is less work for you and your sellers. The overall profit margin is higher on these cases. This means you can sell fewer items to meet your goal profit. For example, if you sell the same amount of items on a $1.50 fundraiser that you would on a $1 fundraiser, you will make more money because the profit is higher. More groups are transitioning to these larger profit varieties to make their fundraisers faster and easier. If you haven’t tried a higher price point fundraiser yet, we have no minimum order on any of our varieties. You can order a few cases to see how they sell prior to making a full group order.

    What are my fundraising options when it comes to these items?

    Higher price point fundraisers can be found in almost all of our fundraising categories so as to continue to provide you with profit options and flexibility. Items like the Large Chocolate Lover’s Bars, order taking brochures, key rings & lanyards, as well as a variety of candy and snack cases, fall into this category.

    How are higher price point items different?

    Higher selling price items are gaining more popularity, so there are more, new varieties being created in these categories. These price points also give you the ability to be more competitive in a time where multiple groups may be fundraising at the same time as you. Therefore, you can offer potential buyers products that others are not selling, so you are less likely to be turned down for a sale.

    If I am part of a school, can I still fundraise with candy and snack items?

    Yes. The USDA only requires that candy and snack items not be sold on school grounds, during school hours. Therefore, you are still able to sell starting 30 minutes after school, on campus without regulation. Selling of these items is also permitted at any after school, on-campus event, such as sports/games, etc.

    Is there a way I can sell candy or snack items during school hours on the premise?

    Yes. Each state is different, but they do make exemptions for selling candy/snack fundraisers during school hours. You will need to contact your district to find out what your state’s specifications are and how to obtain an exemption.

    Do any of the USDA rules apply to fundraising that happens outside of school?

    No. Whether you are associated with a school or not, any fundraising that takes place physically outside of school grounds is exempt from the USDA nutrition standards.

    What types of fundraisers fit under the USDA guidelines?

    The Smart Variety is made up of items that specifically fit the Smart Snacks In School USDA requirements. These snacks can be sold during school hours without state approval. Regular candy and snacks can still be used for fundraising, but sales of these items must be after school hours on campus. Anything under our Brochure fundraisers and Other Ideas categories fit the guidelines as well.

    How do I find out more about the USDA’s Smart Snacks in School guidelines?

    You can visit the USDA here:
    http://www.fns.usda.gov/school-meals/smart-snacks-school http://www.fns.usda.gov/sites/default/files/allfoods_flyer.pdf