Did your group have a successful fundraiser? Tell us about it.
  • Our 6th grade class wanted desperately to have a field trip. Our district doesn't have the funds to pay for the little extras like this. I told the kids, the only way we could make it happen was through a fundraiser. We had 460 students in the 6th grade. We ordered 200 boxes of chocolate. We had absolutely NO PROBLEM whatsoever selling them ALL!!. We profited over $5000.00 ... which was more than enough to cover our field trip expenses and left a little leftover for some much needed science supplies for our grade level. Old Fashion Candy was awesome to work with. We had 30 days to pay which was just enough time to collect all of our monies. I think we are planning to do 2 fundraisers for the 2013-2014 school year ... one in the fall and one in the spring ... and we will most definately be utilizing the Old Fashion Candy Company again. We especially like that they send additional candy to cover the cost of shipping. This really makes a difference in the profits :0) !! Thanks!!

    Kelly O. from Henderson, NV
  • I have been using Old Fashion Candy for my TSA club fundraisers for over six years. We decided to try the candle sale. I was amazed at the profits we were able to earn in such a short period of time. Now I have teachers, parents and other members of the community asking me when we will be selling candles again. This summer we will be attending the National TSA Conference in Orlando, Florida and I am proud to say that my students will be staying for a fraction of the cost. Thank you Old Fashion Candy Company!

    Paul C. from Fremont, NC
  • We especially loved the chocolate roses. Sold out quickly! We sold them individually and as Valentine's gifts. We attached a card to them with ribbon and delivered to the "sweethearts". We also like the chocolate covered pretzels, rock candy, and twister pops. Our profits went to provide FCCLA community service projects and to send students to state leadership meeting.

    Deanna C. from Campbellsville, KY
  • We always do very well with our candy sale it is one of our best fundraisers

    Lisa F. from Mamaroneck, NY
  • This is my first year as a club sponsor and Old Fashion Candy has really made the fundraising process simple! I get my order in a days time and I pay after I collect the profits! The ordering process is so easy! I just email my account representative and she ships me what I need! I highly recommend this company and its account representatives!

    Nicole G. from Marksville, LA
  • I've been using Old Fashion Candy Co. for about 10 years; I have had the students sell candy bars, candy sticks and both brochure fundraisers. All of the above were extremely successful! Their process is simple, easy and quick. All of the products were of great quality, too. Old Fashion Candy Co. was tremendous in dealing with a few errors we had and everyone has been completely satisfied! There simply can't be an easier way to raise money than through Old Fashion!!!!

    Susan B. from Thornville, OH
  • I started this fundraiser to raise money for the prom. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to raise money. The product is wonderful. The kids boast about the round lollipops. I can't keep them, they sell completely out in 2 days and they want more. Thanks so much, it's great having such a wonderful company to work with.

    Michelle O. from Bartow, FL
  • Old Fashion Candy has been a wonderful partner in my fundraising efforts. My representative answered all of my questions and was an asset as I completed my first candy fundraiser. We raised over $2,000 and Old Fashion Candy did most of the work! Shipment was fast and even faster when I needed more candy to sell!

    Heidi F. from Saint Amant, LA
  • You have been the greatest company to work with. Fast service and fresh items. I work at a county office building and they love grandma cookies, bugles, and Jerky. I mix and match items of candy and snacks so they have a variety. All the best.

    Cindy C. from Waterloo, NY
  • We have really enjoyed using Old Fashion Candy Company for our candy fundraising. The candy bars were great! Thanks again for all that you have done.

    Emory B. from Florala, AL
  • Our Student Council had a very successful candy gram fundraiser in February selling your lollipops. The kids all loved them, especially their large size. They were a great value for the price.

    Beth C. from Sacramento, CA
  • When I started with this company, I wasn't sure if I was able to raise money by just selling candy, so I gave it a try with the JROTC. Within the first week the whole order was gone. We made enough money to purchase additional boxes and again it happened. We sold those boxes of candy for more profit.

    Wilma G. from Jamaica, NY
  • I have worked with Old Fashion Candy Fundraising for over 3 years now, and the quality of their product is unmatched. I especially appreciate their customer service. The staff is extremely friendly and handles every shipment as if we were their only customer. Without Old Fashion, my students would be unable to fund raise the monies needed for our international study tours!

    James D. from New York, NY
  • We have used Old Fashion Candy for the last six years. It's an awesome company with superb customer service. Anytime we had a product that was not quote unquote perfect; or had something that did not show up in the packaging, it has been immediately corrected! We used the Supreme Selection and it has been great!

    Hope D. from Victoria, VA
  • Our candy arrived on time, we are grateful for the extra box. We made a net profit of just a little over $900. WE sold within the allotted time. You organized everything for us. I'm very happy with the efficiency of how you run your sales and my prom committee worked well because of how you had everything all laid out and ready for us.

    Donna C. from Chicago, IL
  • We have participated in the Old Fashion Candy Company's candle sales for almost a decade. The one year that I refrained from this fundraiser I had 6 parents approach me asking when we were doing this fundraiser and if not, how they could purchase the candles themselves. I have never had to wait more than three days for orders to be corrected on the rare occasion that I miss-order and the one time that a few candles broke in shipping they were quick to replace them at no additional charge. The orders usually arrive a week or so early, which helps for organizing distribution of the product, and my room always smells so wonderful! The product is lovely and easy to distribute. We always get positive feedback for such a nice quality product. Through this fundraiser we have been successful in purchasing 3 cello's and 4 viola's. Thank you Old Fashion Candy Company!!

    Brenda S. from Bend,
  • I have ordered candy from Old Fashion Candy for my High School Boys Basketball team for 3 years. We have raised enough money each year to pay for our shoes, warmups, and summer camps. I would highly recommend ordering anything to sell from them. They have always been very nice and they make sure you get everything you need to help you sell.

    Ronnie M. from Maple Grove, OR
  • We have been conducting a fundraiser using the $2.00 varieties. Our kids are having a lot of success in selling them. The candy is delicious and very fresh! We like the variety in the boxes and have no trouble selling anything in them. The super fast delivery of the supplies is amazing as well. I definitely recommend this company for your fundraising needs.

    Keith S. from Clear Fork, WV