Questions and Answers


How do you know which fundraiser will work best for you? Or maybe you want to try something new but have a limited time frame? What about if the majority of your sellers are elementary school age versus high school age? All these questions and more may come to mind when planning out your fundraiser and setting achievable goals.

In our continuing effort to assist you in having the most successful fundraiser possible, we're embarking on a question/answer blog post series to help you get there. Through theses posts our goal is to give you a starting point to launch your planning process off as well as steps and tips on how to manage your fundraiser through out the process. If you have a question you would like to see addressed or a tip you have found to be handy, please message us on our Facebook page here.


End of Year Wrap Up


It's about that time, to go on holiday break (if you're not on it already). We hope all of our fundraising leaders and groups had a prosperous year and met or surpassed all the goals set for them. While this year’s fundraisers have come to an end we hope you have enjoyed your experience with Old Fashion Candy and that you'll have us in mind when embarking on future money raising opportunities. If you have enjoyed your Old Fashion Candy experience and would like to shout it to the world, please submit a testimonial here. It is our #1 goal to provide you with exceptional customer service so any feedback you have about past or current fundraisers we welcome with open ears via our contact form or by calling 1-800-500-1234.

Additionally, should you have suggestions or tips for us or others about fundraisers or the process please send those to us as well either via our web form here or call 1-800-500-1234.