Fundraising with lollipops


Lollipops are a classic fundraiser for many reasons. They come in a variety of flavors, their selling price is low, they are able to withstand the elements and easy to transport to name just a few. While pretty much any lollipop is good for year round sales, some shapes are better sellers at certain times of the year:
Valentines Day: Sweet Lips, Sour Lips and Sweet Hearts are great sellers. Our brand new Chocolate Rose pops make a great addition to this group and are a twist on the classic lollipop.
Summer Time: Star lollipops can be patriotic and twister pops are a bright and unique compliment to carefree fun.
Autumn Time: Caramel Apple pops bring in the tastes of fall - reminiscent of apple picking, warm cider and sweet pie
Not to be left behind, Blow Pop Fundraisers are a name brand head turner that are two treats in one (sucker on the outside, gum on the inside) and we're stocked with new Bursting Berry flavors.
Displaying your lollis can be an important thing to consider in your sales too. All of our pops come to you, individually wrapped. The hearts, lips and sour mania come separated into two carrying bags of 40 per case. The twisters, caramel apple and Blow Pops come in boxes, but if you would like carrying bags for these simply request them at your time of purchase. This way you can easily distribute them to your participants and it is easy for them to sell out of. However, if you have more of a stationary setup like a table at an event, then you might want to consider a more organized approach. For our stick candy we do sell coordinating display racks and jars with labels to easily distinguish to your audience the flavors you have. For standard stick lollipops we sell the classic lollipop tree for you to fill. But you may want to choose a more unconventional approach for display depending upon your group and where you are selling. For example, you may want to take small sheets of styrofoam and wrap them in a coordinating paper for your event (sports, holiday, etc) and place the pop sticks in the top of the sheet for a fun and festive display.
No matter which lollipop fundraiser you go with or how you display them, pops remain a fundraising staple that don't disappoint in sales or variety. You can view our entire line of lollipops here


How does group size play a part in my fundraiser?


Whether you have 10 people/kids in your group or 100, the number of participants you have should be taken into consideration when planning a fundraiser. Divide your goal by the number of participants you will have in order to see approximately how much each person will have to sell in order to reach your goal. Keep in mind, not everyone in your group may participate unless it is mandatory and some people will sell a lot of items, while others will sell only a few.

Once you have your average sale number, take a look at how much profit you will make on a fundraiser. Items with a higher selling price will need fewer items sold per person in order to reach your goal. Timeframe can also play a part in your fundraising scheme. For advice on *how long to run your fundraiser see our other blog post. Be sure to allot some time, around or a little past half way in your timeframe, to bring all of your participants together and assess how everyone is doing. At this time it may be a good idea to redistribute items to those who are selling more of a particular item or have access to a larger selling audience.

If you've managed a fundraiser before, try to find out how many people participated in it last time, what your timeframe was, and how much profit you brought in. From that you'll be able to gauge the average sale per person (take the profit and divide it by the number of people selling) and if you were able to make enough in that amount of time. If so then keep on keepin' on! If not, simply adjust your figures by lengthening your timeframe or looking at fundraising options that bring in a bigger profit.

Large or small, your group can set an obtainable goal to reach within your timeframe. Since we have no minimum order on our fundraisers you can order a few cases just to get started and see how things go. Plus, most orders ship in 24 hours or less, so if you run out you can reorder and restock quickly.


Questions and Answers


How do you know which fundraiser will work best for you? Or maybe you want to try something new but have a limited time frame? What about if the majority of your sellers are elementary school age versus high school age? All these questions and more may come to mind when planning out your fundraiser and setting achievable goals.

In our continuing effort to assist you in having the most successful fundraiser possible, we're embarking on a question/answer blog post series to help you get there. Through theses posts our goal is to give you a starting point to launch your planning process off as well as steps and tips on how to manage your fundraiser through out the process. If you have a question you would like to see addressed or a tip you have found to be handy, please message us on our Facebook page here.