Valentine's Day Fundraising Idea


    Spread some love with a fundraiser fit to do so! Here's a super sweet fundraising idea just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  • At least one case of heart lollipops (or you can use lip lollipops or both!)
  • At least one case of chocolate roses
  • Ribbon of your choice (preferably) in a Valentine's color
  • Scissors
  • Optional, clear tape

Using our heart lollipops (or lip lollipops) and chocolate roses, select one or more lollipops (we used three), and stack them in a fan-like shape. Place a chocolate rose behind the lollipops. Cut a length of ribbon that is long enough to wrap around the lollipops and be tied in a bow, we recommend no shorter than 12 inches. Wrap the ribbon twice around the lollipop bouquet where all the sticks meet in the middle, then tie a bow. Wrapping clear tape around the sticks before adding the ribbon will add extra stability in holding all the lollipops together. Walla! You have a beautiful Valentine's Lollipop Bouquet. 

For selling, simply add up the price of each item used in your bouquet and you have your final selling price! It's a unique twist for a seasonal fundraiser and they make great sweetheart gifts! Perfect for selling at schools, churches and events. Plus, it'll be such a unique fundraiser fit for the season that'll you are sure to stand out and bring in that profit! 


New Items


It's a new school year, which means it's time for some new items in
our fundraising collection. Below we've listed just a few of the standout new varieties:

Granola Plus takes your fundraiser to a healthier level by offering you and your customers better snack time options.

Angry Birds the game has evolved into character shaped, fruit snack gummies ripe for the snacking.

Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pops put a new spin on the lollipop fundraiser In addition to these brand new varieties we've also updated some of our top selling varieties with a few new products as well.

For a visual list of our newest & updated items, view our Facebook Gallery Fall 2013 Old Fashion Candy Varieties or Pinterest Board New For Fall 2013


FAST End Of School Fundraisers


The end of the school year is coming, which means if you are shy of your fundraising goal you still have time to make the money you need to reach it. We have fundraisers that are proven fast sellers & money makers so you can feel confident about meeting your goals before summer break. Plus, most orders ship in 24 hours so you can get them right away and start selling.

Here's a short list of fast selling fundraisers in their categories:

round lollipops

donation dots

school store

monster variety